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Pakistan taken no step to give up support to terrorists

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Pakistan taken no step to give up support to terrorists

 US commander Gen.Nicolson has recently emphasized that war situation would change in Afghanistan and he believes that the US new strategy for Afghanistan and troops increase would do it.

The American Gen addressed increase of pressures on external supporters of terrorists as part of victory in war on terror in Afghanistan.
Gen. Nicolson talked on the change of situation in Afghanistan at a time that following release of his new strategy on Afghanistan and south Asia, the US president Donald Trump in a video conference with American forces in Afghanistan said, following US new strategy in Afghanistan, remarkable progresses have been made in the battlefields in Afghanistan and positive changes have appeared.
The US new strategy was released two months ago and the US president had said that according to this strategy, military and political pressures would increase on Pakistan because of its support from terror groups including Taliban and the Haqqani network would also be targeted simultaneously.
The Afghan government has also supported this strategy and the president has said that with release of this strategy instabilities have decreased in Afghanistan. But he at the same time has clarified that the US commitment to political settlement of Afghan conflict is important too.
It has been seen that so far, no step has been taken by Islamabad to end support of terror groups and Pakistan still continues support of terror groups as release of Hafiz Sayeed from house arrest is testimony to this claim.
Although we cannot ignore this issue that ANSF in coordination with RS forces have recently achieved considerable gains including elimination of eight drugs labs in Helmand and mopping up operations in different parts of the country. 
But despite of that until save sanctuaries of terrorists in Pakistan are not destroyed and their funding, equipping and arming sources are not identified, closed or destroyed the end of war in Afghanistan would be impossible.
Therefore, the US must increase military, political and economic pressures on Pakistan and exert serious supervision on this country’s secret services.