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SCO’s effective role for stability in Afghanistan

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SCO’s effective role for stability in Afghanistan

 Addressing Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit in Russia, Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah urged member states to help nudge Afghan militant outfits into peace talks with the national unity government.


“We call upon SCO member states to use their leverage and contacts with Afghan rebel groups and convince them into entering intra-Afghan talks,” the CE said.  He also proposed stepped-up counter-terrorism cooperation between SCO and Afghanistan, which remained committed to working with member countries to develop key projects.


The SCO has been engaging with Afghanistan for more than a decade now and it is being speculated that the Organization could play an active role in stabilizing Afghanistan. While the potential exists for the SCO to help Afghanistan in its reconstruction and rebuilding, it is unlikely to be actively involved in the country. 


Different SCO members have been providing economic and security assistance to Afghanistan at bilateral level, but the SCO has not shown any collective effort to do so. The only direct action the SCO has shown regarding Afghanistan till now came in 2012 when the country was given an observer status in the Organization. 


The SCO has been widely regarded as an important dialogue platform on Afghanistan, and a major channel of strengthening pragmatic cooperation on combating terrorism, drug-trafficking as well as organized crime between Afghanistan and its neighbors.


Terrorism is a global challenge. Counter-terrorism is not only the responsibility of Afghanistan, but also the priority of the SCO and other countries as well. The SCO needed to exert its merits in counter-terrorism, and strengthen the cooperation on information exchanges, border management, assistant investigation of cases and personnel training with Afghanistan. 


Afghanistan has been going through a critical situation, with both tough challenges and great opportunities. As the important regional organization, the SCO must strengthen the cooperation and coordination on Afghan issue, together with the international community, to improve the capacity of Afghanistan in dealing with the new threats and emerging challenges, and help Afghanistan achieve peace, stability, independence and development at the earliest date.


Meanwhile it is really important for the regional countries to see the problem of insecurity in Afghanistan as a collective issue and must cooperate so that the issue is addressed properly and on time. 


SCOneed to realize that they require acting collectively to face the menace of terrorism threat,and it is also important that they must be able to put in practice comprehensive strategy to tackle the situation. Words and promises alone have never and would never solve the issue of terrorism and insurgency. Practical solutions are the only way out of the quagmire that can swallow the whole region in no time.