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Unilateral decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel capital to jeopardize ME’s fragile peace

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Unilateral decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel capital to jeopardize ME’s fragile peace
 US president, Donald Trump, in an unprecedented move, on Wednesday, officially announced that his country has recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s official capital, an action he believed aimed to reduce tension and bring peace in the Middle East.
“I have determined that it is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,” the president reportedly said in a statement from the White House Diplomatic Reception room.
Trump believed the move could contribute to a lasting peace in the Middle East, but the world, particularly, the Islamic countries have shocked by the move.
“We are no closer to a lasting peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.”
The country’s presidential office in a statement, expressed his deepest concern over the announcement and said the move would not only help tackle any peace problem, but moreover jeopardize the Middle East peace process.
“The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, understanding the deep concerns of the Afghan Muslim nation and the Muslim world, has already communicated its profound concerns through diplomatic channels to the leadership of the United States of America over their decision of moving their embassy to Jerusalem and it,” said the country’s presidential office in a statement.
The decision which has been taken in this regard has hurt the feelings of Muslims around the world and will jeopardize the peace process in the Middle East. Therefore, any kind of actions taken unilaterally and without engagement of Palestine and a two state solution, will not produce positive results and end up with a permanent solution, said the president’s office.
The National Unity Government and the Afghan Muslim nation together with Muslims of the world want the rights of Palestinians for an Independent State to be ensured.
The status of Jerusalem, which has been the first Qiblah for the Muslims, and is of high respect and importance for other religions as well, shall be recognized, in accordance with International Laws, resolutions of the United Nations and demands of the Muslim world.
Fortunately, there is an international consensus that a unilateral decision can’t be made on Jerusalem and that a permanent solution to the issue should be sought in a comprehensive peace framework.
To ensure enduring and fair peace in Palestine, the National Unity Government continuously supports this process in partnership with Islamic world and the international community under the framework of   the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the United Nations.
Although, Afghanistan has close partnership with the US, but the recent stance by Trump to unilaterally make negative decision on the Middle East and announce his recognition to Jerusalem as the official capital of Israel, would dishearten the Afghan people from trust to the American leadership.
In the past, many such offers by the Israel were made but, the previous US presidents could not dare to implement and make decision about, as they would have known that such move would inflame not only the Muslim nations but would destabilize and endanger a likely success to the peace process between Palestine and Israel and would create mistrust between the world and the US.
US, under Trump leadership, can revise in its decision and consider the feelings of the Muslim Umma, worldwide and seek diplomatic ways to achieve lasting peace in the region.