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“Discrimination against women not our culture”

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“Discrimination against women not our culture”
 In response to many probable criticism and malicious rumors that women are ignored in the Afghan traditions, the president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, in a fresh remarks, strongly expressed support to women rights, saying he would never compromise on them.
He stressed the importance of women increased role in all affairs of the country and urged for bringing reforms, negating any move to prevent positive changes.
During a meeting with female lawmakers at the Presidential Palace, where the lawmakers expressed support for the government of national unity’s foreign policy and reform agenda.
President of the country argued that the Afghan society should realize the potential of the female population and said: “Discrimination against women is not our culture and women of the country have never been excluded from decision making.”
Indeed, currently huge number of women are serving in the country’s various organizations including at least six women as Afghan ambassadors in foreign countries. The wide support to women by the country’s president and generally the authorities of the national unity government, is a move to help the society develop through institutionalization of the women rights, as in the past no such an active presence in government entities by women have been witnessed.
Increase in women role in various sectors, is the main aim of the government of national unity, particularly, the president and the country’s First Lady in persons.
Granting trust vote by the house of people members to up to eleven cabinet nominees, but rejecting the only female nominee, doesn’t mean that women are ignored in any spheres.
This maybe an accidentally decision of the lawmakers not intentional, as both the country’s legislative and executive forces of the country respect women rights and want the rule of equal rights and work for the Afghan citizens of different strata.
However the move to deny trust vote to the only female candidate sparked anger of civil society activists and some of the house members, but this would never jeopardize the women identity and characteristic or to believe their position in the government institutions are destabilized.
By any mean and price, they would regain their position, as the holy Islam has profoundly admired them and secured them with high positions.
Likewise, the government should do its best to pick female nominees for the remaining cabinet portfolios, as now they are being run by the acting ministers and fill other slots in the ministries by eligible educated women.
The government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, under the wise leadership of Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has a clear-cut stand before women and would never allow anyone to disturb the decision.
Women, along with their men colleagues can have presence in various areas of the government, under a democratic system which requires an equal capacity for both men and women.
“As long as I am in office, I will not allow anyone to compromise on the rights of women,” this is another comment of the country’s president who assured women not to spare any efforts to work for their own rights and welfare of their citizens.