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Principle of change & reform for good governance

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Principle of change & reform for good governance
 Since its inauguration, economic revival, countering corruption and reform have been high on the agenda of the National Unity Government (NUG). Yet, the growing insurgency and insecurity pose major challenges in enacting socio-economic reforms, as president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani had time and again said the government’s first year was one of the “survival”, and the second as one of “defense”, during which it faced an uphill battle against the insurgency following the December 2014 international military drawdown. It has, nevertheless, maintained macro-economic stability, increased the collection of domestic revenues and overcome some budgetary shortfalls, including by securing donor commitments.
Hinting to reforms and good governance, The President had committed change and reform, aiming that the people of Afghanistan, gradually but systematically, become owners of their country.
Meanwhile change, replacements and reform are the base for good governance and paves the way for the new people to take responsibility and implement their own ideas for the sake of the country. The NUG, considering its commitment for youth and reform, has appointed many experienced, hard-working and young cadres in key positions in the capital Kabul and other provinces, so that to improve the government affairs as well as to bring transparency in the works.
Here yesterday, the presidential press office issuing a statement said that President Ghani has accepted Atta Mohammad Noor’s resignation and has appointed Mohammad Dawood as the new governor of northern Balkh province. He had been appointed as Balkh governor in 2004.
Appreciating the former governor’s achievements and pointing to the principle of change and reform as the base for good governance, the statement said that Noor had tendered his resignation andEng. Mohammad Dawood was introduced as the new governor.
The change came at the time that the National Unity Government determined to fight corruption and improve local governance across the country. Change for reform and better governance affairs would help the government to reach its goal of a stable and developed Afghanistan. A strong, clean, stable and accountable government will also best serve the interests of the people of Afghanistan and will deliver the required services to the nation.  
It is also necessary that people should cooperate with the government on reaching its goal and promote the culture of fighting and hating corruption in the society. Civil society organizations and media can play a major role in raising the awareness of people to stand beside the government and fight any ugly phenomenon, preventing Afghanistan to reach self-sufficiency.
The Afghan National Unity Government has been pursuing a clear strategy of development and prosperity for the people of Afghanistan.  Based on this strategy, the government made some promises to the nation that it would implement certain major development and infrastructural projects that will affect their lives in the long run and will improve economic growth in the country by paving way for new businesses and creating jobs in the country.
Meanwhile a number of negative critics chanted that the NUG leadership is not carrying what it promised to the people, and the government’s words and deeds are not identical.  Some of these critics even held demonstrations challenging the government for failing for fulfill its promises and pledges.
It is needed to be tolerant and give the NUG the time it requires to implement major development projects for the people of Afghanistan.  The people of Afghanistan should be assured that the governmentis carrying out what promised to the nation and only thinks about the development and welfare of this great country.