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Malicious circles shouldn’t be allowed to create discord among Afghans

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Malicious circles shouldn’t be allowed to create discord among Afghans
 When a page of history concerning to the fact that disputes have either been resolved through tensions or peace dialogue, was turned over, we can find that, indeed dialogue had been the only way to do with all dilemmas.
Recently, a verbal disputes took place between the government authorities and one of the country’s jihadi leader and governor of a country’s key province, in the north, after the presidential office accepted his resignation.
Some individuals and circles, mostly using social media, launched campaign to disturb the spirite of the national unity over govt’s recent action. 
In one of his remarks, president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan said that he attached high respect to the country’s jihadi leaders, but dismissal, change and appointment of the cadres constitute the principles of a system.
The Coordination Council of Jamiat-i-Islami Afghanistan (JIA), in a meeting with the country’s president said that the party supported the government steps to put an end to the self-proclaimed power centers within and outside the government.
They said the JIA was an inclusive and nation-wide party, with members from every ethnic communities of the country and supported the government’s all decision, as it had fought and given victims for the country’s security.
“The JIA has rendered sacrifices for the security and stability of the country in the course of history and would do more for the stability of incumbent system,” they said, adding the self-proclaimed power centers inside and outside the government are a threat to the security and stability of the country and the government should eradicate them and the JIA will support government efforts in this regard.
They said highly supported government efforts in areas of introducing reforms, eradication of corruption as well as implementation of mega economic projects.
President of the country said he paid huge respect to the JIA as it was a nation-wide and inter-Afghan political party.
He went on as saying that Afghanistan experienced forty years of crisis and would be pulled out of the existing dilemma within the next two years. But, advised the government of national unity was the demand of the time and there was a need to get united.
Under the country’s constitution, the president can do what is needed—bring reforms, dismiss, change and appoint new officials, something in favor of the national interest, national unity and to make sure that anything being made was for the entire Afghan nations’ favor.
The country’s president, in one of his remark has said that the national unity government has been shaped under the demand of the time. So any Afghan—government officials or ordinary individuals—should do their best to protect their unity and not pave the ground for to the aliens and malicious circles to miss use the opportunity for creating discord among the brother nations.