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Terrorists’ inhuman act won’t affect our progress

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Terrorists’ inhuman act won’t affect our progress
 Thursday’s suicide attack in a cultural center was yet another reminder of how deadly the war has become for ordinary Afghan civilians and how the terrorists continue to take the lives of innocent people.
The suicide attack targeted theTebyan cultural center and news agency in thecapital Kabul on Thursday, killing at least 41 people and wounding dozens in an attack that underscored the threats facing the country’s journalists and elite figures. The attack happened right during a commemoration of the December 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani vehemently denounced a deadly attack on cultural center, saying the terrorists have martyred our people, attacked our mosques, holy places and now our cultural center. The president called the attack a crime against humanity, an attack on Islam and all human values.
This is not the first time that innocent civilians are targeted inside the holy places and academic centers.Such terrorist and brutal attacks that are planned and organized by some intelligence agencies in foreign countries aiming only to divide Afghans by the means of language, religion and ethnicity. The terrorists want to attackAfghans so the ground for geographical division is paved or to paralyze the people so that accept any of their orders and plans.
Many Afghan civilians are suffering psychological trauma, having lost family and friends, and are living in fear knowing the risks they face as they go about their daily lives. Many more have been forced from their homes and suffered lasting damage to their health, education and livelihoods. 
Even though Afghanistan has suffered heavily because of horror and terror, the threat posed by terrorists will not be restricted within a geography. The fact has proved that terrorist groups extend their reach every day within Europe and America, which indicates that terrorism knows no limitation or boundary and will intensify in case of not being combated. The attacks on events in US and Europe could be the prove to our claims.
Despite the sacrifices made by Afghan security forces in combating terrorism, militancy remains a serious issue in the country. After losing ground in Iraq and Syria, the IS most likely to extend its realm in the region and particularly wants to bring disunity among Afghans.
The Afghan people should realize unity, solidarity and co-existence much more than any time in the past, so, such cowardly attacks can never help the enemies to reach their vicious goals. People from different ethnic groups’donation of blood to those injured in Tebyan cultural center’s attack clearly reveals the soul of unity among Afghans.
The terrorist groupings, including IS and the Taliban must realize that they cannot achieve their vicious goals militarily and the way forward shouldn’t be of violence and bloodshed. Afghans’ message to them is clear, that the Afghan government and people are tired of almost four decades of war and barbarism and want peace and stability in their country.
The government and people must realize, the dream of a vibrant, progressive and developed Afghanistan can only be achieved if we stand united against all odds and never allow the terrorist to bring disunity among us. Attacking our religious and holy places, schools, universities and the cultural centers, aiming to weak usshouldn’t affect our firm well andrather we must stand along with our security forces and government with iron-fist and try to support government’s development program and build the war-torn country.