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Easing education for children essential

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 Education ministry officials said Saturday that 3.5 million children have been deprived of education in the country - many due to insecurity.Acting minister of Education while signing an agreement with the United Nation’s Children Fund (UNICEF) in Kabul said a big number of children have been deprived of education which require urgent attention.
Based on the contract signed between the education ministry and UNICEF, the children supporting organization will provide $46 million USD to the education ministry to help children attend schools. According to the officials, this fund will be invested in projects such as empowering local education and capacity building in the education ministry in the next two years.
There are many reasons like, security threats, poverty, sexual harassment, low ethical standards and lack of schools and quality materials that have caused children to be deprived of education in some parts of the country. 
Education forms the fundamental infrastructure of a country. The nation that lacks this fundamental feature is considered the most vulnerable nation in today’s leading world of technology.
There has been notable development as millions of boys and girls are attending schools, but it should be not forgotten that poverty and insecurity are keeping millions of children away from schools. In 2000, when the situation was under the Taliban only 21 percent of boys and less than 1 percent of girls were enrolled in schools and there has been a handsome increment in enrollment since the fall of Taliban though. 
But there are dozens of Afghan families who have lost their bread winners during the civil war and do not have any one to financially support their families. To overcome this matter, these families prefer their school age children to work rather than attending school. Orphan children and unsheltered ladies cleaning the cars on crossroads in Kabul city is one of the most visible and clear example of the poverty rate in the country.
Children are the future builders of a country. Only a fresh generation that grows up in peace and harmony and are more educated can move Afghanistan out of the grave instability and backwardness is facing. Therefore, optimal efforts should be in place to counter the growing troubles of children in this country.
Considering all the issues and resistances that we are facing, we will not be able to handle the situation unless we have figured out our responsibility as the citizens of this country. It is not only government’s responsibility to fight against the insurgencies. It is every individual’s responsibility to work for the enhancement and cooperate with the government to pave the way for the better development of the country.
It is the responsibilities of the media and religious scholars as well as to raise awareness among the people on children’s rights, so that they are well protected and persuaded to study and serve back to their people one day.
The entire key to the success in Afghanistan is education of the young towards tolerance, understanding and respect for all faiths and cultures and empowering them with basic aid, school supplies and economic opportunities.