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Int’l cooperation essential against state-sponsored terrorism

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Int’l cooperation essential against state-sponsored terrorism
 There is no doubt that growing insecurity has badly affected the regional communities and is becoming a serious headache for the certain countries in Asia. To save the people and the future generations, states that are haunted by terrorism must form a joint working group to jointly fight extremism and stop funding to terrorist organizations.
Since Taliban and Daesh poses serious threats to the security of Afghanistan and the region, the UN members should explore all available ways to chalk-out future anti-terrorism strategies. There is need only for strong resolution and joint efforts to eliminate the notorious trans-national terrorist outfits. Delay in taking the practical steps against terrorist outfits and their sponsors has encouraged the insurgents to continue massacre of defenseless civilians in the region.
Recently, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and members of the visiting UN Security Council (UNSC) discussed security situation in Afghanistanand the region at large.
President Ghani shared evidences with the UN Security Council members over training, financing and activities of terrorist groups, including Daesh, outside of Afghanistan. The president said efforts were underway to improve relations with Pakistan but “there has been no sign of cooperation from Pakistan’s side.
President Ghani said he wants more pressure on Pakistan to ensure stability in Afghanistan. He said joint efforts are required to move forward the Afghan peace process. The president also thanked the members of the UN Security for their support to Afghanistan in the past 16 years and the member’s commitments at the Warsaw and Brussels summits.
Meanwhile UNSC members called their trip the first after since 2010, aiming to assess progress made in various areas in Afghanistan, particularly peace and progress. They said that UNSC was exploring ways of enhanced coordination and cooperation among different regional and international organizations.
US ambassador to UN said that Security and stability in Afghanistan was crucial to security in the region and that UNSC team was visiting Kabul to pledge more support to Afghanistan. The delegation pledged UN’s enhanced cooperation in ending the 17-year war in Afghanistan.
A higher level of state support for the terrorist organizations is “financial support.” To continue operations and develop further, the terrorist organizations require large amount of money, which are sometimes unavailable through its own independent resources. In such cases, terrorist organizations rely on the generous support of sponsoring states. Today Pakistan is one of the main contributors to terrorist organizations and uses US counterinsurgency fund for training and equipping of the terrorists, to reach its vicious goal.
If UN and other international organizations don’t focus on root-causes of terrorism, the joint and effective international initiative to fight terrorism will fail and would not have any tangible results.
Indeed, it should benoted that the struggle against countries which sponsor terrorism is more important than other policies, including conducting operations against terrorist groups. 
The situation may have to become much worse before countries in the world decide to endorse an effective initiative against states involvement in terrorism. Only when terrorism affects high numbers of people in countries which today turn a blind eye to the activity of terrorism sponsors, or when non-conventional - chemical, biological, and nuclear - weapons enter the terror arsenal and endanger the entire international community, will countries in the world initiate an uncompromising struggle against international terrorism and its sponsors.