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Afghanistan still UNSC’s focus

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Afghanistan still UNSC’s focus
 In a fresh move, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) sent a high-level delegation, the core of the aim to closely assess situation in Afghanistan.
The country’s president and the UNSC delegation discussed efforts in joint war on terror, corruption, drugs-trafficking, as well as acceleration of the peace process and preparations for parliamentary elections.
Many other key issues, including administrative reforms, strengthening women’s participation in governance and the UN role in the fields of security and development in the country, were also spoken about the two sides’ two day meeting.
According to a statement from the presidential office, regional cooperation and pressure on Pakistan, were among the most important points of the bilateral discussions to help ensure stability in Afghanistan. 
The country’s president said that Afghanistan had made good progress in strengthening economic ties with central Asian countries, Russia, China and Iran.
This was also said that efforts were going on for strengthening relationship between Kabul and Moscow, while Pakistan had refused to cooperate with Afghanistan, in many required affairs. 
Evidence of terrorist groups were shared with the UNSC delegation and this was said they were being trained and funded beyond the Afghan borders.
Meanwhile, once again, the president welcomed the new US strategy on Afghanistan and South Asia and emphasized on an intra-Afghan dialogue to help peace with Pakistan, who is now inclined of doing more for peace in the country.
The UNSC delegation head said the team’s visit to Kabul was intended to assess progress made in various areas in Afghanistan, particularly peace and progress and that UNSC was doing its best to explore ways of enhanced coordination and cooperation among regional and international organizations.
The country House of People members also welcomed the UNSC delegation’s visit to Afghanistan and said that the trip indicated the country was still the focus of the international community.
Indeed, the UNSC delegation arrival, after the country was feared to could re-emerge as a terrorist sanctuary and while terrorists were pummeled in many countries like Syria and Iraq, but become too difficult to defeat terrorists hideouts beyond the country’s borders, from where the innocent people of Afghanistan have become the main victims.
The people and the government of Afghanistan consider the UNSC delegation tour to Kabul a good omen and believe that their country would never be forgotten and that Pakistan, as a key neighbor, should do its best to join hand with Afghanistan in suppressing terrorist hideouts and safe sanctuaries along the two countries shared borders and inside Pakistan.