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Taliban’s peace offer refusal further fuels bloodshed

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Taliban’s peace offer refusal  further fuels bloodshed
The Taliban has allegedly rejected peace talks with the government, sticking to their stance of using arms, the only way, they believed would help reach their goals.
According to reports, a Taliban delegation, from their so-called political office in Qatar, arrived in Islamabad, last week, to may explore the possibility of peace with the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
A Pakistan popular daily, Dawn, citing the three-member Taliban delegation said it wanted to directly talk with the US, refusing to negotiate with the Afghan government.
However, the daily said the visit, which was led by Shahabuddin Delawar, was part of the Pakistan government efforts to encourage the Taliban to join peace and reconciliation, but the militant are refusing talks with government.
“They are sticking to their past stance… they want to negotiate with the US through the Qatar Office, but refused to negotiate with the Afghan government,” citing an unnamed source, the daily reported.
Taliban’s refusal to join peace talks with the government of Afghanistan and their tendency to proceed a direct negotiation with the US, means that they are inspired by some intelligence circles, outside the country and believe they would never reemerge as a political group in the future of Afghanistan, unless were allowed by their lords.
On the other side, a freshly frayed tie between Islamabad and Washington, forced religious scholars, in Pakistan, to summon a great gathering to announce that suicide attacks and explosions that resulting in the killing of innocent people, were rejected as unlawful and against all Islamic teachings.
Pakistani religious scholars proceeded the measure, after long years of devastative suicide attacks and target roadside bombings that killed tens of thousands of people in both countries, and this means that they have no authority on their own; meaning that they were working under their intelligence office, with fully controlled  
If we compare the two visions (from both Afghan Taliban and the Pakistani religious scholars), will find that they are not aware of fundamental Islamic teachings, as all their behaviors are against the innocent people and their actions are linked to what the holy Islam denies.
They, if are real muslims and working in the interest of the holy religion, might have joined peace process and share in the government and take part in the construction of their Islamic land.
Over the past several decades of civil wars, tens of thousands of people, with high percentage of civilians, including women and children were killed and huge number of others wounded. The war, mostly a flamed by malicious circles beyond the country’s borders, devastated all infrastructures of the country and forced several million people to flee their homes and seek safe shelter and work abroad.
All efforts from national and international entities, including Afghan governments and the international community were in vain, after the Taliban joined regional and international terrorist groups and fought for their vicious purposes. So, there is a need for a change in the Taliban minds, if they want to work for their country and their countrymen. 
They have no option, unless to resume talk with the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, under the international community’s supervision.
Otherwise, their sticking to arms and persisting on killing innocent people would not be in their favor, but they would be fought seriously by the country’s brave defense and security forces and vanished forever.