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Terrorists’ inhuman acts continue to take innocents’ lives

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Terrorists’ inhuman acts continue to take innocents’ lives
 Most of the Afghans looking forward to having peace restored in their country. They indeed want to see a proper country that stand among the developed countries of the world. Afghans at the same time wishing to have a safe and secure life in a peaceful country. But they have not been able to see their dreams come true, however they have given enough sacrifices in the last four decades.
It is important to note that civilians have been killed mercilessly as if their lives do not have any value or meaning and the terrorists, including Taliban are mostly behind these killings. Various assaults, bombings, shootings and suicide bombings of the terrorists only targeted the innocent and guiltless children, women and men in holy places, hotels and the other public places.
With such facts in hand, it is strange to see Taliban calling themselves friendly to Afghan people. Taliban, insistently, have claimed that they do not target the civilians directly, but the reality shows a totally different picture – contrary to what they claim.
Recently gunmen stormed the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul at the start of an 11-hour siege that continued into Sunday morning, leaving at least five civilians dead.Six other civilians were reportedly wounded and more than 100 people, including 16 foreigners, have been rescued from the hotel, said Interior Ministry in a statement. The MoI meanwhile confirmed killing of four attackers.
The Intercontinental Hotel is located on a hilltop in Bagh-e Bala area of the city and is heavily guarded because it hosts both Afghan and foreign guests as well as official conferences. It was last attacked by Taliban insurgents in 2011. 
Civilians are the most victims of the war, not only in Afghanistan but in the world too.It is totally visible to see what is happening on civilians in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, even to the peaceful states like some European countries, where they are the victims only and not even able to peacefully spend time with family and friends.
The terrorists’ only goal is to bring about fear among the people and achieve their vicious goals of destabilizing the country. The Taliban and Al-Qaeda during their ruling period in most parts of the Afghanistan soil between 1995-2001 could establish many terrorist training centers and we have been the witnessed that they attacked the New York Trade Centers and killed thousands of the innocent people. They could also manage to spread their militancy to many parts of the world.
Considering the fact, Afghans don’t want that period to be repeated and their barbarism continue to take the lives of the innocent people. Such attacks on hotels and holy places which took lives of dozens of innocent people won’t affect the morale of Afghans and their efforts for developing of the country. They meanwhile ask the government and the international community to pay serious attentions towards peace and stability of Afghanistan and targeting of the safe sanctuaries in Pakistan.
To sum up, the scourge of war left heavy casualties and destruction behind and took its toll on civilians. It is the time that the world put an end to violence and bloodshed so to protect the rights of all individuals and nations. It is aptly said in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) that “disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind”. On the other hand, observing the IHL and respecting the rights and dignity of all individuals will lead to global peace and prosperity. Thus, the world’s major powers need to give up the proxy wars and to strengthen the spirit of brotherhood and promote peace through exercising tolerance and campaigning against all kinds of radicalism.