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Unity a must to foil Taliban’s vicious goals

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Unity a must to foil Taliban’s vicious goals

 After a series of massacre and high-casualty attacks by insurgents in the capital Kabul and other provinces of Afghanistan, US President Donald Trump speaking with reporters at a luncheon with UNSC members on Monday ruled out peace talks with the Taliban and asserted the terrorist outfit would be defeated.

“There’s no talking to the Taliban. We don’t want to talk to the Taliban.  We’re going to finish what we must finish. What nobody else has been able to finish, we’re going to be able to do it,” Trump said.He added it was a whole different fight in Afghanistan, where the Taliban were killing innocent people. The militants were conducting blasts in the middle of children and families. 
Meanwhile President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a joint press conference with his Indonesian counterpart in Kabul said that the Taliban was carrying out attacks in Afghanistan on the orders of their masters. “Taliban must choose between Islam and terrorism, between humanity and barbarism. If the Taliban really believes in Islam and humanity, then the group must separate itself from barbarism and puppets of religious manipulators and intelligence agencies,” the president said.
Taliban who are indeed responsible for martyring of our countrymen and women and even that of children should know that those rejecting Afghans’ peace call are the people and the country’s enemies and cannot reach their vicious goals to fragment us and bring about disunity among different segments of the society.
Contemptuous act of the Taliban against the sacred places, like Masjids, Islamic schools and hesitating no efforts to kill Muslims-women and children and banning the children to go to school to get educated, are all indicating that they are of those elements who have not still realized who they are-human-beings or a flock of wilds storming a village for swallowing anything they find ahead.
Although every Afghan’s lasting hope is to have peace and stability in their country, warring parties never stop violence and continue targeting innocent civilians across the country. The Taliban and Daesh are believed to pose serious threats to Afghan nation through spreading violence and bloodshed. As per President Ghani’s remarks, there is nothing the enemies fear more than Unity in Afghanistan; their number one tactic is to keep the fire of discord aflame in this country. They know the power of a nation if they are united. 
Indisputably, the Taliban foiled any hope of the peace-loving Afghans who were impatiently waiting for what would the reestablished high peace council, the members of which are in contact with the government armed oppositions, would do to see their country embraced a restored peace and security after decades of devastating wars.
Therefore, unity must be the priority both for the people and the politicians. Various programs need to be organized for fostering unity and relationship among races by means of various policies. 
In addition, it is the responsibility of religious scholars to aware new generation differentiates between general peaceful spirit of holy Quran and hatred interpretations imposed by extremists. Islam is a religion of peace and has always encouraged to settle the disputes through negotiations.