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Public support to ANDSF key to overcome ongoing insurgency

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Public support to ANDSF key to overcome ongoing insurgency
 There is no doubt that Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) have grown from almost nothing to a strong force for defending their homeland. Boosting the security sector of Afghanistan has been one of the top priorities of the Afghan government and the international community that have committed to support ANDSF for a long run after 2014 by continuing to train and equip them with better weapons, tanks, war crafts and technology.
During more than a decade and a half, the Afghan soldiers have given every sacrifice required to perform their responsibilities towards saving the life of people against the brutality and violence practiced by the enemies of peace, prosperity and democracy in Afghanistan – the Taliban and other insurgent groups.
It is only the insurgents’ attacks that gain much attention, but people normally neglect the successful operations of ANDSF in which they kill and capture the militants who leave no stone unturned to take lives of innocent civilians on daily basis.
Therefore, besides equipping and training of the ANDSF, maintaining long-term security in Afghanistan also requires success in other lines of operation. Strong governance, and rule of law is required to support the security forces as well as to encourage public support, including religious scholars to them. 
Meanwhile, political meddling is the biggest challenge before the security forces in the country.The leadership of the Afghan government must stand against political meddling in ANDSF institutions and strongly reject political recommendations for promotions or transfer of ANDSF officials.
President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has time and again emphasized that ANDSF members should distance themselves from any political issue and only serve the nation. The president has also asked the Ulema and the people to spare no effort in supporting their heroes, who are giving sacrifices only to bring a safe and sound environment for their countrymen and women.
At the crucial juncture where Afghanistan is standing today, the Afghan government and the international community must work to strengthen voices that are raised against extremism, terrorism, lack of justice, nepotism, corruption and other such issues. Without public support, it would difficult for the government and the ANDSF to triumph over growing insurgency and other critical issues.
Over the past few years, there have been many public uprisings against Taliban militants in certain provinces of Afghanistan. This establishes the fact that people are tired of being illegally ruled by insurgents who burn schools and cause development and reconstruction works to stop. This is where that such people should be cooperated and encouraged by the government through alleviating their problems to gain more trust.
Taliban and other terrorist groupings through direct orders from their masters trying to motivate people towards fight against the Islamic government only to achieve their vicious goals of devastating Afghanistan and provide the ground for their insurgency and illegal activities. Such process will continue if not curbed. It is necessary to let the people know and distinguish between a democratic system and Taliban’s rule.
Without achieving public support and trust, it would be difficult to lead Afghanistan out of the challenges it is facing. Public trust should be built by improving good governance, rule of law and establishing an impartial security forces.