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Coordination among security organs a must

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Coordination among security organs a must
 Delivering his remarks following Friday prayers in the mosque of Presidential Palace and acknowledging certain problems in security bodies, president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said that security and defense bodies would submit him a draft on better ensuring of security in capital city, adding that the need of frank reforms is being felt in intelligence service and security bodies.
According to president, sometimes, these bodies ignore or underestimate security threats .At the same time, the president spoke on possibility of certain changes in leadership of provincial police departments, adding that security of the capital Kabul was on the priority and would spare no effort to let the people live in safe and sound environment.
The president said he always taking advices of Jihadi dignitaries, Ulema, politicians, tribal elders, women, civil society, youth and all other strata and address the youth to join ranks of security forces.”Because this is your soil and we should jointly safeguard it.”
Usually in the wake of every terror incident, the Kabul people ask how it’s possible that terrorists manage to influence into the most secure places of the capital and conduct explosions and suicide attacks and kill innocent people as sometimes, the security bodies are targeted by such terror attacks and their employees are victimized. 
Current situation has convinced the president that there are certain weaknesses in security and intelligence bodies and should be removed immediately and essential reforms should be introduced in these branches.
Touching underestimation and ignorance of threats by certain individuals and factions in these bodies as well as certain political tendencies in adopted decisions in security branches as weak points, the president emphasizes that one policy should be implemented in these branches and that is the Afghani policy and there is no room for other ones.
Reforms in security and intelligence services’ branches could include several issues. Frist, close coordination and cooperation should exist among security bodies particularly in the field of providing, exchange and processing of information is important. Secondly, the security bodies should be non-political, and their officials must be kept away from all political tendencies and only be involved in ensuring national security and make efforts every day and night.
All abovementioned categories of people should also think on ensuring national security and help the government as they have already done it. 
Meanwhile before peace and tranquility that to be turned into reality, the security forces and government authorities must make sure that they fulfill their responsibilities with determination and indefatigable efforts. 
Afghan people have given many sacrifices and it is important that Afghanistan should see a future full of peace and tranquility; however, for that to happen it is imperative that security leadership must prove itself capable of designing and following a workable strategy to counter terrorism in true sense.