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Providing job opportunities to prevent Afghans flee

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Providing job opportunities to prevent Afghans flee
 According to a report presented by the country’s Attorney General, at the meeting of the Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption High Council, chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, up to 5,124 Afghan prisoners were being held in Iran, with only 517 transferred to Afghanistan.
The extradition of the Afghan citizens had happened under a memorandum of understanding between the two countries.
The Presidential Palace, in a statement, said that their cases would be decided in accordance with the law of the land, with the attorney general recommending a reduction in their punishment.
At the meeting of the Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption High Council, the attorney general provided report about the lamentable condition of the Afghan detainees in Iran.
The president also called it a huge step, saying a due legal process needed to be completed and the attorney General Office and the related organs should do the job.
The president said that he was committed to the rule of law more than ever before and blamed the enemies of our country to believe in the jungle law.
The government of national unity is upholding the constitution and comply with international laws, with the president saying part of the agendas of the next meeting of the council should be devoted to evaluation of reports in this regard.
The government, as the president said, should do all its responsibilities toward the Afghans seeking works abroad, particularly in the neighboring countries, as inside the country, no work opportunity is prepared for them due to harsh insecurity.
Indeed, insecurity is the main problem in the country, forcing millions of Afghan to leave their homes.
To tackle the immigration problems, the government should do all its best to overcome insurgency, as failure to do so, would bring the coalition forces’ presence alongside the Afghan militaries under question.
Both national and international forces should do their best to suppress insurgency, a success would pave the way for creation of jobs through construction of mega projects, with thousands of job facilities around the country.
The plan would help prevent flow of Afghans’ migration to other countries as well as facilitate Afghans refugees, including those experts and professional cadres to return home.
Transparency in government, affairs, as the president said would also be among those means in terms of administrative reforms, to prevent educated individuals to avoid leaving home and stay serving their country.
Likewise, if the performance of the provincial governments was assessed, then this would help youths and unemployed people to be enrolled in the government institutions.