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Afghans expect Pakistan honesty in action

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Afghans expect Pakistan honesty in action
 Talks between Afghan and Pakistani government delegations held in Islamabad on February 9th and 10th have ended without any specific result, while there was some progress on the mechanism of cooperation, a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) said on Sunday.
“While some progress was made on the mechanism of cooperation, no progress was achieved on specific, results-oriented, time-bound measures in the Afghanistan-Pakistan Action Plan for Peace and Solidarity (APAPPS), particularly in the areas of counter terrorism, reduction of violence, peace and reconciliation to meet the priorities of Afghanistan.
The Pakistani media reported the second round of Pakistan-Afghanistan talks on an engagement plan on peace and security issues ended on Saturday without making any headway on its key elements because the Afghan delegation felt that their priorities were not being addressed.
The two sides could not only agree on a joint statement to sum up the two-day proceedings, but gave divergent accounts about the outcome, according to Dawn.
The Afghan delegation has visited Islamabad at a time that last week a Pakistani delegation led by deputy foreign minister Tahminah Janjuha visited Kabul and held talks with Afghan officials. In that time the Afghan MoFA had announced that although the talks atmosphere was friendly and certain joint opinions existed between the two sides, but no agreement was reached on any important issues.
That time, the MoFA had told the media that during the visit of Pakistani delegation to Kabul agreement was achieved on some issues of joint peace and solidarity plan of action and agreement would take place on the rest of issues during the imminent visit of the Afghan delegation to Pakistan.
One can hardly believe that the situation has changed rather than the past. Practical steps are needed and Pakistan must sincerely act upon its commitments against terrorists. Save heavens and training centers of terrorists should be shutdown, their leaders should be arrested and handed over to Afghanistan. Taliban leaders should be convinced to join peace process, otherwise they would be expelled from Pakistan. 
Meanwhile Pakistan should pursue its commitments with true intentions. The neighboring country should understand that without combating the terrorism jointly, it is impossible to defeat it in both countries as they share a lengthy and porous border. 
President Ghani has time and again stated that Afghans are seeking a long-seated peace; peace between Afghanistan and Pakistan and peace among the government and armed opponents. 
According to the president there was an unexpected hostility between the two countries, an issue which thePakistanis have also accepted, but in reaching to a prosperous future, it is needed to renew efforts and cooperation, as militancy threats Afghanistan, Pakistan and the whole region.
It is also important that both countries must leave behind the past and renew their efforts in this regard. In order to reach to the goals of peace and stability, the two countries have to overcome the challenges and mistrust and go ahead with joint cooperation against the threats.