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Armed oppositions’ joining peace process good news

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Armed oppositions’ joining peace process good news
 The government’s peace initiative, since the last long years has achieved success in many fields, particularly in reintegration of the armed groups in the country.
Afghanistan is the home of all Afghans and any one can live in their land, peacefully, but as per usual, any government armed opposition groups can join the process, after giving up arms and being fully ready to accept the country’s constitution.
All Islamic norms and teachings are considered by the countrywide Ulema Council and those who are working for the holy religion and their country, can join the government, work for the Islamic ascendancy and welfare of their homeland.
Reports say that many government armed oppositions, including some members of Daesh-the so-called Islamic State in some parts of the country joined peace process.
In a fresh report, ten Taliban and three Daesh members have been said to shun insurgency and join the peace reconciliation process in the country’s northern Jawzjan province.
They were repeatedly operating against the country’s security forces in Darzab and Qush Tepa districts where many innocent people, including women and children were killed in various clashes.
The surrender by the armed oppositions, if continued, would help improve security in the districts.
Finally the negative act of the Taliban and other militants, who are sparing no effort to kill innocent people, would disjoin all their subordinates and to join the government.
Many of the rebels have joined the peace and reconciliation process, under the high peace council, as killing people and security forces, by the militants would have no justification, and the move would finally obligate them to part ways with the groups’ leadership who are working under the aliens’ orders.
The surrender would also encourage other militants to lay down arms, abandon insurgents’ ranks and join the reconciliation talks, if the process was transparently and honestly continued.
Also, security would be ensured in many parts of the country, where work projects are now delayed for serious insecurity.
On government’s turn, efforts should be made for convincing militants that they would be provided with works in both the government offices and other grounds.
The government of national unity has the responsibility to provide all possible ways for the reconciliation process and do its bests to continue launching the process, under an honest, transparent and comprehensive procedure.
Those who are working for the Taliban, Daesh and other militants groups should also realize that they are not working for the Islam, as the holy religion would never allow killing people, robberies and attacking government forces and establishments. So they should join peace and work for the development of their country.