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Suicide attacks against Islamic teachings

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Suicide attacks against Islamic teachings
 The Taliban militants have exercised their dogmatic beliefs, which have been against religious principles and moral values. The harsh practices of the Taliban for more than two decades in Afghanistan had no Islamic basis. Streams of blood have been shed as a result of the attacks and suicide bombings carried out by the Taliban outfit. They have been widely involved in anti-religious practices. 
It is believed that scores of Taliban’s members do not necessarily fight based on their ideology but for their political and financial interests. On the other hand, many others are not able to change their dogmatic mentality and any words contrary to their beliefs will fall on their deaf ears.  
Islam has allowed the Muslims, to defend themselves and their territories if attacked by the enemies. Here, the role of religion in justification of suicide is very paramount; because religion as the framework of action and culture as the operational zing apparatus of the Islamic teaching can be vilely misused by the terrorist groups to motivate the Muslims to join their overall Jihad campaign including the suicide terrorism. 
To motivate enough the Muslims, especially those with very little education and a superficial knowledge of Islamic teaching, they target to attract the conservative Muslims, as the most vulnerable victims of their war campaign. They also, misuse some of the Holy Quran verses, and 
Taliban and other terrorists misusing the Holy Quran virus has legalized the suicide attacks in Afghanistan, which is totally against the Islam and the religion’s teachings. They have only targeted the innocent civilians to achieve their vicious goals of destabilizing the country on the interest of their masters.
Meanwhile Al-Azhar university which is scientifically reputable on Islamic studies worldwide, and trains and educate every year thousands of individuals in the field of Islamic sciences and has been reputable for long times among Islamic Ummah, and in which hundreds benign scholars of Islamic world are teaching, has never given such Fatwa and neither asked Muslims to resort to suicide.
Large number of religious scholars, across the Islamic world have issued Fatwa in recent years, called suicide illegal, strange and against Islamic teachings. In a meeting in turkey two years ago, a number of Islamic scholars sanctioned suicide. In his speeches on the occasion of Arafat day, in two consecutive years, the grand Mofti of Saudi Arabia issued Fatwa on illegality of suicide attacks. 
Delivering his remarks here at the presidential palace yesterday on the occasion of the then USSR troops withdrawal from Afghanistan, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said Afghan Muslim nation has bravely fought the holy Jihad with the red army and gave much sacrifices, which proves that Afghans are a Muslim nation and that the terrorists’ ongoing so-called Jihad is not justifiable.
The President also sent challenge to terrorists and their masters for a Islamic debate, adding Afghanistan owns an Islamic constitution and that the country’s Ulema ready for any kind of Islamic debate.
To fulfill their responsibility, all religious institutions and council will have to participate in combating terrorism and denounce their acts on time. They must campaign against all kinds of violence, mainly militancy, occurring in any parts of the world. All religious scholars need to denounce the ongoing violence and bloodshed carried out by militants. They are to continue their campaign through speeches, newspapers, magazines, etc.