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‘Bringing back the Afghan refugees’

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‘Bringing back the Afghan refugees’
 Addressing the 29th anniversary of the then USSR troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said government wanted to bring back all Afghan refugees to the country in the next 24 months. 
“At present, I want to focus on our future,” the President said, emphasizing on the national unity. “Our main concern is the end of the 40-year crisis.”He stressed that Afghans must fight to overcome the crises that were inherited.
According to the president, the key point is that, in a centralized way and with unity, Afghans use all the energy to boost the country’s economic independence and bring lasting peace and security.
Meanwhile Pakistan’s army chief Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa says the repatriation of Afghan refugees is the key to eradication of terrorism from the region. Pakistani Taliban and Haqqani network fighters regularly used the concentration of nearly 2.7 million Afghan refugees to recruit, morph and melt, he said. “It is time for these refugees to be repatriated with dignity.”
Pakistan has continued to host the largest number of refugees during decades of civil war in the country. Meanwhile voluntary repatriation of Afghan refugees from Pakistan to their homeland had also been the largest in the world. According to reports, since 2002, nearly five million registered Afghans returned from Pakistan, where the neighboring country is third in line behind Jordan (over 2.7 million refugees) and Turkey (over 2.5 million refugees). 
Recently the Trump led administration strongly criticized Pakistan for its project of sponsoring extremist groups with little help with US in its war on terror. However, why the Afghan refugees should be heated and headache after deterioration of relations between US and hostile neighbor—Pakistan that has been for longtime supporting and harboring terrorist outfits. Harassment of Afghan refugees by police is another option and inhuman practice when relations reach at boiling point. 
Pakistan’s political and military establishment is deeply unhappy about the recent pronouncements of US President Trump, who accused Islamabad of providing sanctuary to militant groups that execute attacks on Afghan and international security forces inside Afghanistan. The country has time and again issued deadline to Afghan refugees, aiming to put pressure on Afghan government and the international community.
It has been generous of both the countries –Iran and Pakistan, to compensate the Afghan refugees, who because of war and instability left their homeland, but on certain occasions they have also displayed the attitude that have violated the rights of the refugees to a great extent. These countries have their own problems and considered as developing countries, where they have their own economic issues to face; however, they have been supported by international community and United Nations to assist the refugees and guarantee their rights under international law. 
As President Ghani said, it is the time to have our refugees returned back to their home with dignity. But it is important that the international community and the neighboring countries at this crucial juncture must make sure that they design a clear strategy regarding the fate of Afghan refugees and their repatriation.
There are political and diplomatic concerns for all the governments of the world to consider, but the issue of refugees is more important than such concerns, as it involves the precious human lives and the lives of human beings stand more sacred than any other concern.