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Public expects effective steps in Police system

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Public expects effective steps in Police system
 The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the international community expect the Afghan police to play a crucial role in maintaining security and stability in Afghanistan. With foreign police trainers, mentors, and advisors remaining in Afghanistan for the foreseeable future, the question of what sort of force they should be training is of increasing importance. 
The Ministry of Interior Affairs introduced its four-year program the other day during a ceremony also attended by Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, some officials and representatives of the donor countries in Afghanistan.
The reform plan includes war on corruption, transparency, education, improvement of women involvement in police ranks, human resources and implementation of a useful system particularly police promotions and employment.Minister of Interior said reform of police means reform of its gradual return to its main duty, the protection of cities, law enforcement, prevention of corruption.
The reform plan in MoI came at the time that earlier president Ghani had called MoI the heart of corruption. The citizens of the country had been also complaining existence of corruption in police ranks, calling the phenomenon the main reason behind insecurity, violating the law and increasing criminal activities in the capital Kabul and other major cities of the country.
Police incapability in detection of activities of terrorists circles and groups and preventing of suicide attacks and explosions that have caused killing and injuring of hundred innocent people in capital Kabul and other cities, was the main cases of criticisms too.
Meanwhile tens of MoI officers were previously introduced to legal and judicial organs due to corruption allegations. Two former deputy ministers of MoI were convicted to punishment by Afghanistan courts. 
Implementation of such programs by MoI leading body causes optimism among citizens. Chief Executive and Afghanistan international donors also support the program. It shows that this program has attracted essential support of leading body of the Afghan government and the international community that could increase the people optimism. 
But these hopes would only be realized that people feel their positive impacts on their daily life and different aspects of their private, individual and social life and see that corruption is gradually eradicated from all MoI branches and police system, security is improving day by day, terrorist activities are decreasing and graph of terrorist incidents as decreasing. The plan should also help the organized crimes are eliminating, criminals and terrorists are arrested, prosecuted and punished.
Afghan people who suffered decades of war and bloodshed and looking forward to living in a safe and sound environment, expect further effective steps in police system structure and war on corruption.
MoI step in deployment of eligible individuals in Kabul city police through competitive exams should be extended to other MoI and police branches at national level and even implementation and law enforcement should be changed to a permanent culture in this ministry especially powerful people,criminals and terrorists should be approached strongly and indiscriminately.