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3rd Hoot Kabulis’ historical epic

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3rd Hoot Kabulis’ historical epic
 Up to 38 years ago, the first large, civil uprising took place against the former Soviet Union Red Army occupation of Afghanistan, by the Kabul people.
The invasion was mainly to protect and save the PDPA regime, which raised to power after a coup and then soon, started pummeling the people uprisings, mostly in the rural areas of the country.
The spontaneous uprisings in which, the freedom loving people of Afghanistan launched against the invaders were not supported by any political organizations, as there was no such a organization to support and organize a more effective and successful resistance.
The most countrywide popular uprising, which took place in February 22, 1980, is yet remembered and marked among the Afghan people by its date of Qeyam-e-Hoot and recorded in the country’s calendar.
Many of those attend a gathering to condemn the invasion are the relatives of those martyred in the freedom loving events followed by mass arrest of the Afghans, everywhere in the country.
Religious leaders including clergymen from both Sunni and Shia communities and those of the prominent persons were among those killed or arrested, by the regime supporters.
In the next day’s morning, people poured to the streets and staged massive demonstration against the Soviet invasion of their country. 
The brave and patriotic troops, were not ready to shoot the protesters, even they joined them and giving them arms, after the demonstrators attacked police stations and started arming themselves.
Protest could happen and engulf all over the city, with the people composed of different ethnics gathered in the Kabul Old City’s Chandawal area, from where they extended the skirt of their demonstration to Pul-e-Kheshti area, and then soon overspread all over the capital.
The then government supported by the Russians killed up to 800 Kabulis, during suppressing the protesters, but the groups supporting the uprisings firmly resisted against the invaders however in hidden.
Unfortunately the honesty of the people ignored and their desires for having a free and independent country, turned to ashes, after the pullout of the red army from the country.
Now we have several million refugees, unemployed and their homes destroyed by extremists and terrorist activities.
The government of National Unity, besides marking the event of Hoot 3rd, should unite all the people of Afghanistan, by removing any gaps between them and the government and try its best to convince the neighboring and regional countries and in general, the international community to cooperate with the Afghan people in elimination of terror and rebuilding of their country as well as the government and the people should jointly work for the national unity and meeting the aspirations of the martyrs of any peace loving and patriotic uprisings.