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Kabul Process Conference milestone for peace

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Kabul Process Conference milestone for peace
 The Kabul Process Conference, on which, the president of the country, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani took visions of some representatives of people of different strata, is a turning point in the history of Afghanistan, if honestly used for peace negotiations with the government armed oppositions and complete democratization of the country’s system.
Last week, the president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, in a meeting with a number of jihadi and political leaders at the Presidential Palace, discussed some key agenda about the Kabul Process conference, which is expected to be held by the end of this month.
In the meeting, the country’s president, according to a statement from the presidential press office, has listened the views and suggestions of the participants about the event and conferred on how the process could help peace restored in the country.
The president assured them that their advices would be reflected at the Kabul Process Conference and that consultations would be continued with them, even after the conference.
During the meeting, the country’s president asked the Taliban to stop war and violence and honestly enter peace negotiations with the government.
Representatives from up to 27 countries and international organizations, including European Union, United Nations and NATO would attend the great event which the country’s capital will host on February 28, as the first process’s conference was held in June, last year.
The main purpose of the process is said to place the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the only driving force to achieve peace with the solemn support from the regional and international partners.
As it is clear that a peaceful Afghanistan is the guarantor of the world and regional countries stability, the conference has to help provide a new loophole for an open peace talk between the government and the armed oppositions and to lead the war-torn country toward a sustainable development. 
The last more than thee decades of war and violence has achieved nothing except ruins and bloodshed and if the Kabul Process Conference is honestly followed and talks with the government armed oppositions earnestly be held, then the ways of hope for a sustainable countrywide security will shine and the success would lead to stability of the region and the world.
The neighboring countries should also practically show their commitments towards stability of Afghanistan, as fueling conflict and violence have not only ruined Afghanistan, but also took numerous victims from among their people.
Terrorism realizes no border and doesn’t differ between religions or sects. So, those with inclination to join peace process should be welcomed, while those refusing the sacred process should not only be labeled as terrorists, but should be rejected, isolated and enlisted as war criminals, their assets should be frozen and their power should be weakened and ultimately be fought until their full elimination.  Success of the process has direct link with the victory of peace process and institutionalization of democracy in the country.