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Int’l pressures on Pakistan, Taliban a must for peace in Afghanistan

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Int’l pressures on Pakistan, Taliban a must for peace in Afghanistan
 Since the announcement of the US new strategy on Afghanistan and South Asia, pressures have been increased on Taliban and airstrikes on terrorists’hideouts and strongholds intensified and Afghan National Defense and Security Forces as well as the Resolute Support Mission particularly concentrated on elimination of funding and equipping resources of Taliban and Haqqani network. A number of drug processing factories in the areas under the Taliban and Haqqani control were targeted and destroyed.
Talks held with a number of Arab and non-Arab leaders to prevent collecting of fund and financial assistance by certain sources in these countries to armed terrorists including Taliban and Haqqani network.
Beside that increasing pressures were exerted on Pakistan to shutdown safe heavens and training centers of terrorists in its soil and prevent their activities. For this purpose, the Trump led US administration has also either suspended or cut its financial aids to Pakistan.
Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has given three months deadline to Pakistan to prove to international communityfor non-funding of terrorist groups and haswarned that at the end of deadline, if Pakistan fails to give convincing reply to FATF, its name would be inserted in Gray List.
A senior NATO delegation including ambassadors of the US, Germany, Ireland and Turkey, has arrived in Afghanistan, held meetings with Afghan security authorities and RS officials, warned that pressures will be increased on Taliban. Addressing a press conference here in Kabul on Saturday, the US ambassador in NATO said, military, social and religious pressures will be increased on Taliban by Islamic countries.
They added that would not allow Afghanistan to reach stage of violence once again and hope that Taliban to realize that they would not be winner, but to join negotiating table and take part in development of Afghanistan. They meanwhile said that the 29 NATO members are unanimously in favor of peace in Afghanistan and no doubt peace in the country would leave positive impacts on Europe, the US and Canada. 
All these have caused that some people optimistically express that with increasing pressers on Pakistan and Taliban, Afghanistan would witness peace and stability in near future. Because these pressures cause Taliban and Haqqani network, to forget about being a winner through war and violence and think on avoiding violence and joining peaceful political process.
Some people consider recent announcement of Taliban addressed to US people and Congress as a sign of positive impact on this faction and saying that this announcement was unprecedented in recent years.
Prior to this, security-political experts had said that pleading and lamentation is not necessary to these two factions and one cannot enter talks with this group from a weak position.
These experts believe that until these two factions are hopeful that would achieve their goals through war and military way, they would never agree to join peace talks.
President had once said that the destiny of peace for those who don’t believe it, would be determined in battlefields.