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NUG’s peace package helpful for both sides

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NUG’s peace package helpful for both sides
 After months of waiting and preparations, the second Kabul Process Conference, with the participation of representatives from 25 countries and some international organizations was held at the country’s capital.
Afghan President, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani spoke of the National Unity Government to assert his desire for a sustainable peace deal with those Taliban who are ready to shun insurgency and join a negotiation table with the government.
The Taliban had repeatedly rejected talks with the Afghan government, unless foreign forces leave the country, or the group, would hold direct negotiation with the U.S.
The militants, after deadly attack that killed more than 150 people in Kabul, with its spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahed has reportedly said in an open letter to the American people and congressmen to pressurize the Donald Trump administration into negotiations.
However, the Trump administration, once ruled out any peace with the Taliban, after a spate of deadly attacks killed more than 150 people in the Afghan capital, and then in a message, insisted that “all substantive negotiations would have to be led by the Afghan government.”
President Ghani, in his speech, at Wednesday’s Kabul Process Conference offered politically recognition, release of prisoners and removal of Taliban names from the international blacklists as well as establishment of official political office, if the militant avoid violence and respect the rule of law.
The first and second Kabul process conferences, hosted by the country’s capital, are not the only meetings launched to seek peace for the insurgency affected nation, but many similar gatherings have been held to find a loophole of hope for peace with the armed oppositions.
The Taliban are not seen to be convinced only by politically recognition or some other conditions like delisting from the international sanctions or become satisfied of having political office, after more than 17 years of fight and death of thousands of their fighters.
On the other hand, their willingness to hold direct talk with the U.S., (however, the possible conditions are not still clear) suggests that they are seeking beyond what the government expects.
Moreover, they are not believed to ask the government only to give them few ministry’s posts, but they are seeking a basic change in the current system, however, through their favorite system.
President of the country, who is impatiently, waiting for a peace talks with the entire government armed oppositions said if they (the Taliban) shun the insurgency, their prisoners may be freed and their names struck off from international blacklists and former fighters and refugees could be reintegrated and provided with job opportunities.
The country’s president promised the government would ensure facilities and security for the Taliban who join the peace process. The president went on to call for government-to-government talks with Pakistan.
So, peace with Taliban is not something easy and on the other hand, the country’s president peace offer to the insurgents, are unique in the country’s peace history.
So, those militants who are really in favor of their country’s development should benefit from the opportunity to join the government and the government should take serious step against those avoiding the process and persisting for war. The international community should also join the government in practically elimination of those are still in favor of murder and bloodshed.