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Civilians should be protected during counter-insurgents operations

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Civilians should be protected during counter-insurgents operations
 Afghan forces’ counter-terrorism actions have recently intensified, with the country’s special force usually targeting militants’ hideouts in different points of the country.
Militants who can’t resist against the government forces in the battlefields are mostly using nonmilitary people as human shield to protect themselves and reach their targets. 
Hundreds of insurgents were killed or wounded during security and defense forces operations while thousands other made to leave their bases in many border areas.
The defense and security forces of the country are indeed getting more powerful and more expert, but as report said, civilians, particularly women and children are still the victims of conflicts between the warring sides. Report said recently four members of a family were killed during an operation against Taliban militants.
The operation was launched by Special Forces in southeastern Khost province’s Nader Shahkot district, yesterday, however not still clear which parts have caused the death.
The dead included two women, as residents said the operation was an overnight action of the country’s special force against insurgents in the province.
Civilians’ death sparked anger from the inhabitants of the area, where they staged a protest, carrying the dead bodies to the governor’s office in provincial capital.
Although, the country’s defense and security forces make effort to protect civilians during their counter-terrorism operations, but human rights organizations have also expressed concern over nonmilitary deaths during both government forces and the armed oppositions’ conflicts.
So, the country’s defense and security forces should do their best not to protect ordinary people as any failure in this field, would provide reasons to the militants who have recently claimed that government forces are also victimizing people during conflicts.
Since large number of domestic and foreign mentors are busy in training of the country’s forces, they should also use their military skills and do their best to protect civilians, while fighting militants.
In many of the country’s conflicted zones, militants are not caring civilians. They are forcing the poverty-suffered rural residents to pay money (under the so-called ushur) and other aids, with no consideration, either they can afford it or not, but, the country’s forces have to widely pay heed to their lives and take them to safe areas during anti-militants offensives.  
The people who highly trust and believe in their security forces should also be ready for all kinds of dedications and cooperation with them as it helps overcome all security challenges and try their best to reveal the militants hideouts and safe havens in their areas.
Likewise, ,such an approach can widely bridge gaps between the people and the government as well as helps civilians protected during conflicts and the militancy reduced in the residential areas.