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Taliban should respond to Afghans’ peace call

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Taliban should respond to Afghans’ peace call
 Once, Oscar Wilde, the 19th-century Irish poet, eloquently remarked, “Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.” Last week, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani made such an overture to the Taliban by outlining a bold peace proposal in Kabul Process Conference.
With President Ghani’s proposal, the government would also allow the Taliban to open a political office in Kabul, issue their members and families Afghan passports, release the prisoners, get Taliban leaders removed from various blacklists and provide immunity, security and financial guarantees to the group members to resettle in Afghanistan.
The roadmap of peace that PresidentGhani introduced000, in fact is meant that government was loyal to its commitment for realization of peace in the country and its determination for ending of violence.
Not only today, but since long years, the government of Afghanistan made much effort so to peace be maintained in the country and the sinister shadow of war be removed from our country.But now, the eyes are pinned to Taliban that how they take position in connection with joining to peace and termination of violence and war in the country.
Numerous days have been passed from offering of this roadmap, but Taliban have no declared their official stance in this respect.The calmness of Taliban grouping before this plan of government of Afghanistan caused some suspicions in the connection. People regard such position of Taliban as heedlessness of them before the proposal of government.
Considering the viewpoints of some members of Taliban that were reflected in some international media and based on assertions of some Pakistanijournalists, Taliban regard insufficient what are reflected in this peace roadmap of government of Afghanistan.They are searching for sharing 50 percent in government and surrendering of half part of provinces of Afghanistan to this group and also have more expectations to be setforth.
But, the High Peace Council of Afghanistan says that thereshouldn’t be concernson silence of Taliban grouping before the roadmap of peace of government of Afghanistan.Because, according to this council, peace negotiation is not a simple issue that assertion be made sans any thinking and exchange of consideration. According to the council it was0 not simple to gather them in one place in short possible time and exchange views and reach a possible outcome.
Deputy of high peace council, Haji Deen Mohammad told media the other day that after peace proposal of government of Afghanistan, Taliban began their intra-negotiation in the connection. Because according to him, this time, a logical and reasonable proposal has been offered by government of Afghanistanthat is confirmed by all Afghans and now, Taliban consult among themselves in this respect.
It is necessary that Taliban clear their stance before this plan. Because, they would not remain indifferent forever before the demand for ending of war and violence.Taliban should not connive from free determination of our people in selecting of principled way of life.
Taliban should end war and violence that is the demand of our people, so peace and stability be maintained. They should respect people’s determination and join peace process.
The constitution of the country that reflects the free determination of all people of Afghanistan information of system and appointment of government officials, recognizes it and introduced clear mechanisms for enforcement of this determination.
Taliban should display their commitment before country and people that claimant for and prove that they are thinking for their people and country, they are in favor of prosperous Afghanistan and are searching for the rescue of their people and country and are loyal to independence and national sovereignty of Afghanistan.