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NDS sincere efforts commendable

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NDS sincere efforts commendable
 The ISIS militants emerged in Iraq and extended its activities in Syria now losing ground and the group seeks safe havens in other parts of Islamic countries. Afghanistan, Libya and Sudan loom a primary focus for the ISIS group.
In 2017, the group inflicted heavy casualties upon Afghan nation. In this year, the Afghan capital came under attack several times. On March 8, more than 30 people were killed when gunmen dressed in white lab coats stormed a hospital in the center of the city. On May 31, a truck bomb exploded near the diplomatic district, killing more than 150 people. 
On Sunday, the NDS reported arresting of two IS insurgents in capital Kabul who were involved in attacks against holy places.Prior to this, the NDS officials had discovered a house of IS terrorists in QalaWahed and an operational center of IS in another location of Kabul in two separate operations and arrested a number of terrorists. 
The detained terrorists were involved in carrying of IED bombs, suicide vests, organizing of attacks and recruitment to this terror cell. 
The abovementioned achievements are indicator of effective and sincere activities of NDS in detection and foiling of terrorists’ conspiracies and show that NDS officials are capable to react against enemies according to people desire, identify and arrest all terrorists. These arrests indicated presence of ISIL in the capital city. Such NDS sincere efforts is commendable.
These incidents show that contrary to expectation, ISIL managed to employ individuals, set up hideouts for organizing of their activities. Now this secret has been divulged that how and whence terrorists including IS insurgents can influence into most strongly protected areas of the capital city and organize attacks.
These achievements make clear that terrorists have shelters in this city in which they mastermind terrorists’ plots and recruit individuals for ISIL and train them.
This issue reminds us the words of Ustad Sayaf, a religious and Jihad figure, who had long before said that enemies have considerable presence in capital city and certain individuals who are involved in transferring of SBs, are living in Kabul. 
Now we expect the security, intelligence bodies that despite of their great gains, further accelerate their efforts more than ever and take care of terrorists in the capital and prevent them to achieve their diabolical and sinister goals. No doubt ISIL would exploit every slight opportunity of security vacuum to extend its influence and presence in the capital city as other terror groups resort to similar terrorists’ activities.
ISIL and other terror groups know well the importance of subversive activities in capital city because capital is the symbol of power of political system in the country. Capital city is at the focus of media and public opinion at national, regional and universal levels.
Every terrorist incident in the capital strongly attracts the attention of media and public opinion and launches a wave of propaganda in favor of terrorists. Therefore,these groups attempt to get maneuverable opportunities in the capital city and maximumly exploit it.
Security bodies particularly detective, intelligence and counter intelligence services should prevent changing of capital Kabul to a sanctuary of terrorists and their activities and assure the citizens they are their guardians.
It is important that religious bodies, Ulema council, Ministry of Haj and Endowment, higher education and academy of sciences to work hard and cooperate with government for elimination of mental beds of terrorism and extremism in the country.