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Lawmakers’ support of govt. essential

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Lawmakers’ support  of govt. essential
 After a 45-day winter break, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Wednesday opened the first session of parliament, which entered its eighth constitutional year.The term of sitting Wolesi Jirga lawmakers expired in 2016, with one-third of Meshrano Jirga(Senate) seats already vacant.
The 8th year of present legislative term of parliament starts at a time that Afghanistan is in a particular and exceptional situation and economy, security and peace have entered a new stage as new changes have taken place in these fields. The National Unity Government has gained new achievements in economic sphere. The construction of TAPI project as the biggest regional project extended into our country in Herat province and was officially opened by the leaders of TAPI partner countries.
This project is not only, a gas pipeline extension line from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan to Pakistan and India but parallel to this gas pipeline, optical Fiber and railway would also be constructed. Simultaneously, power energy transmission project from the central Asia via Afghanistan to Pakistan would be launched. Work is also going on to finalize theLapiz project among relevant countries.
In domestic dimension, the NUG has finalized agreements through NPC on tens of infrastructural projects including roads and railway construction, energy generation like second phase of Kajaki Dam and Doshi-Bamyan power transmission project and work on some of these has already been started and is progressing.  
Serious work on reforms in relevant branches of governance and promotion of better general level of services to Afghan people as well as war on corruption is intensively going on by the government.
In security sector, the government has started extensive efforts and has undertaken new programs for improvement and introducing of reforms in security, defense bodies. Reforms in security sector is seriously going on and certain changes and replacements have taken place in security branches accordingly. New opportunities have been created for recruitment and employment of young human resources.
In the series of continued efforts for peace as well as breaking of current deadlock, the NUG has recently introduced a seven-stage new peace roadmap in second meeting of Kabul process which received vast support both inside and outside the country.
The NUG has expressed readiness to start unconditional peace talks and acknowledge certain privileges to with those Taliban who give up war and violence.
The NUG has decided to organize parliamentary and districts councils’ elections in current year as coordination are underway in both domestic and foreign affairs in this regards and for attraction of international community cooperation, the government has negotiated its global partners including UN. The election commissions are involved in preliminary works of holding elections including employment of workers.
Now that the lawmakers have returned from winter leave and resume their jobs, it requires that should cooperate with executive branch for abovementioned goals. Cooperation of the three branches of government is basically a serious need and an inevitable necessity. The parliament should stand beside the government and cooperate it according to legal requirements for implementation of above targets.
Cooperation of lawmakers from both chambers of parliament is of high importance and their support and cooperation of government means thatAfghan people has folded sleeve for government support.