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Afghan security forces committed to national values

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Afghan security forces committed to national values
 Addressing a gathering to inaugurate a joint headquarters of Reaction Force Unit of National Directorate of Security (NDS) and Special Police Force Unit in Kabul, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani ruled out doubt over the bravery of security forces and added security forces should act cleverly because their task was the protection of people.
“The operations of Special Police Force Unit were of high importance because you have penetrated in the heart of the enemy. You are the lions of Afghanistan and whenever the enemy sees you, they escape like fox, you protect the lives and wealth of people,” the president told the NDS personnel.
According to president, officers of the NDS were committed to the rule of law and there was no place for inhuman acts, torture and abuse in the intelligence agency, as according to president they were the people who could not be accused of inhuman acts and torture because they were committed to national values.”Don’t forget that you are the real sons of this country.”
The president added the tactic of battle has changed and the current war was imposed on Afghans. “Currently we are fighting a baseless, brutal and boundless war and I want to thank security forces that they often barred the enemy to get to their targets.”
The heroic counter terrorism struggles of security and defense forces and cracking down the insurgents leave no place for any concern. Despite complications of war in Afghanistan and open and secret supports from terrorists in the region, the Afghan security forces have been passing a dangerous year but let not the enemies of the country to achieve their ominous goal.
Meanwhile Afghanistan’s senior security and defense officials finalized the plan for the new year’s military operation - titled ‘Operation Nusrat 9’.After three days of consultations, the plan was finalized for operations in the new solar year, which starts on March 21st.
At a meeting with officials on Thursday, President Ashraf Ghani directed relevant agencies to ensure the safety of development projects as according to him people’s welfare relates to the implementation of these projects.He asked security and defense officials to evaluate this year’s operation - ‘Operation Khalid’ – and to implement ‘Operation Nusrat’.
“As we discussed, we hope that the lessons learned from Operation Khalid will be implemented in Operation Nusrat,” President Ghani said.
Afghan security forces are the great hope for the people of Afghanistan in regard of securing their lives. The vital juncture where Afghanistan is standing today, public support and trust play a very crucial role in boosting the morale of Afghan forces. Therefore, the people of Afghanistan must cooperate with their security forces not only to bring peace in the country but also help them foil terrorists’ plan.
Besides to public support of the security forces, establishing a well-trained and equipped Afghan forces can also guarantee the future security of the country. 
Historically great armies always rely on modern weaponry, and sophisticated technological advantages, where the Afghan security forces have now been facilitated with choppers and other essential facilities, but they still lacks some modern equipment to ease them in war on terror, however they have got eye-catching experiences in battlefields and equipping the forces would further capable them in suppressing the insurgents.