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Persisting violence against women concerning

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Persisting violence against women concerning
 Afghanistan’s Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) on Saturday released its yearly report on violence against women and said in the last year (1396 Solar Year) over 4,000 cases of violence against women were registered by the commission. 
The report says that the number of cases has increased by 11,7 percent against the previous year, adding that the increase of kangaroo courts in the country is also worrying.  According to the report, most cases of violence against women have remained unreported due to the lack of access for women to human rights institutions.
AIHRC officials said the culture of impunity and lack of law enforcement have been the main reasons behind the continued violence against women.
The AIHRC report has been released at a time that the Afghan government has promised the world to work on eradication of violence against women and has also vowed the Afghan people to make efforts for improving of women’s living conditions.
Meanwhile the findings of an organization show around 1,700 women currently working in different media outlets in Afghanistan. Head of Protection of Afghan Women Journalist (CPAWJ), expressed shared the information during a press conference in Kabul on Saturday.
She said that the survey which was conducted in 34 provinces of Afghanistan and took four months to complete.The survey shows that women who work in media faced with many challenges, particularly with security, social and cultural restraints. Intensifying security problems in different parts of the country forced many women to leave their jobs in media too and six women who were working in media have been killed during the last two years.
The government has committed to improve women position make taintless efforts on their partnership in socio, economic, political and cultural fields and create administrative and social facilities to women.
The government has been implementing many programs with partnership of international community and the women status was expected accordingly to promote at different levels, and their partnership rate be increased in relevant issues of Afghans’ national life and all concerning cases including violence against women be uprooted forever.
The government and its international partners have invested multi million dollars for implementation of this goal and have undertaken numerous programs including creation of legal contexts, reforms in laws and making of essential laws including law on prohibition of violence against women. According to the latter law, and for tackling the crimes related to violence against women, special attorney general office was established.
But despite of all these measures, contrary to expectations every year, the rate of violence has been increasing that has caused increasing concern among people. Based on AIHRC report, unacceptable traditions, insecurity and weak rule of law in provinces and districts, lack of resolute approach with criminals, continuation of culture of community from punishment, corruption, abuse of position interference of powerful and influential individuals in prosecution of cases, women’s limited access to justice (courts counter violence attorney offices, female detention  houses and lawyers etc), poverty, unemployment, irresponsible armed men, lack of support of violence’s victims illiteracy, addiction to drugs and low level of awareness were the main reasons behind increasing violence against women.
It is necessary that awareness among people specially rural population on their legal and Islamic rights and obligations on violence against women and avoiding of unacceptable traditions and wrong believes among people should be increased.
Restoration of nationwide security and stability and paving the way for women access to justice and improving of rule of law throughout the country and war on corruption, prevention of local influential in carrying out of Kangaroo court and putting an end to immunity culture of punishment could be also a solution to end violence against women.
Meanwhile expansion of poverty scope should be prevented, employment opportunities should be created and families’ income should be increased.