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Impact of Java meeting on Afghanistan peace process

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Impact of Java meeting on Afghanistan peace process
A joint meeting of religious scholars of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Indonesia is expected to be held on Thursday in Java city of Indonesia to seek ways to achieve peace in Afghanistan. This meeting would be held at the recommendation of Indonesian President Vidodo.
During his visit to Afghanistan and meeting with NUG and HPC leaders, president Vidodo had submitted this peace proposal and expressed hope that this meeting would manage to close the position of these countries and involved sides in Afghanistan and open the way towards peace.
During his visit to Kabul and participation in second meeting of Kabul process, the Indonesian vice president in his address, supporting the peace talks process, once again touched holding of a big gathering of religious scholars of the three countries and expressed his country preparedness for holding the meeting. Since that time efforts for preparation and hosting of meeting of religious scholars have been progressing and the meeting is expected to be held on March 15.2018 in Java city.
Both the NUG leaders and HPC authorities have welcomed this meeting and a delegation of Afghan scholars and HPC members would be attending the meeting. In Afghanistan its believed that Java meeting plays outstanding role and enjoys high importance for opening of peace process deadlock and closing of the three countries Ulama opinions. Because as the most populated Islamic country of over 260 million with over 90 pc Muslims, Indonesia hosts hundreds acknowledged Islamic and authorized scholars to issue verdict as its schools and universities move on a moderate Islamic line and avoid extremist ideas. 
All these schools and educational institutions are making effort to propagate moderate Islamic thinking. Besides that, Indonesia has learned useful experiences on concluding of domestic disputes and ending violence and war in its territory. In recent decades, Indonesian government scholars managed to put an end to internal conflict and achieve peace in their country.
This country was burning in the flames of civil war and war was going on in Acha area for thirty years and large number of civilians were killed and injured. But government departments, social, cultural and religious bodies and especially religious scholars of this country joined hands and managed to put an end to decades long violence and war and restore peace.