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Afghanistan, Pakistan direct talks key to peace

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Afghanistan, Pakistan direct talks key to peace
 During his visit to Kabul, Pakistani National Security Adviser (NSA) met with Afghan senior authorities including President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani.This was the first visit of Pakistani authority in the wake of Kabul process second meeting.
Meanwhile, President Ghani asked Pakistan to cooperate Afghanistan in war on terror, financial crime, drugs as well as peace. According to a presidential press statement, Pakistan NSA has promised Afghan officials on behalf of his adopted country that his government would stay beside the Afghan government to succeed peace efforts.
Pakistan PM Shahid Khaqan Abbassi in a meeting with US vice president Mike Pence has claimed that his government was ready for every cooperation on peace efforts with the Afghan government. He has claimed that peace in Afghanistan was in benefit of Pakistan more than any other countries. 
But neither the US nor the Afghan government are satisfied with measures of Pakistan government in war on terror and peace efforts. The authorities of the US government have time and again complained on lack of sincere cooperation by Pakistan government on success of peace efforts and war on terror as well as shutting down of terror cells in its territory.
Just two days ago, chief of US Central Command gen Joseph Votel in his address at the US senate security committee said, Pakistan government has not taken any step against Taliban and Haqqani terror cells and hideouts in its territory. According to him Pakistan was still strongly supporting Taliban and Haqqani network.
The Afghan authorities have also said that they have not witnessed sign of Pakistan giving up of terrorism support. Pakistan has not taken proper step for ending of terrorist activities in the region.
It is believed that most important reason behind prolonging of war and violence in Afghanistan is due to Pakistan’s unconditioned supports, in particular that of ISI to Taliban, Haqqani network and other terrorist outfits. U.S. and Afghan officials believe that Pakistan is profoundly involved in intensification of war and violence in Afghanistan.
Pakistani politicians have strong India-based analysis of Afghanistan situation and developments. They are trying to prevent establishment of a strong administration in Afghanistan and set up a weak and pro-Islamabad government in Kabul, believing their plan could succeed to safeguard Pakistani interests.
Pakistani leaders and rulers think and strongly believe that if Taliban and Haqqani network takeover political power in Kabul, Islamabad ambitions which is often interpreted as “Strategic Depth” would be achieved and implemented.
But Afghans believe that if Pakistan wants to safe and secure its interests, it should basically change its vision. Pakistan should understand that neither Taliban nor Haqqani terrorists and others, can be a good partner to Pakistan. Only state to state contacts can be a key of solution.