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Afghans eyeing ‘peace dream’ to come true in New Year

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Afghans eyeing ‘peace dream’ to come true in New Year
 Afghans to celebrate Nowruz and the first day of the solar year 1397 tomorrow. Nowruz is a set of festivities which marks the commencement of the new solar year. Every year, on the exact moment when the sun crosses the celestial equator and the astronomical vernal equinox starts, people gather together and celebrate Nowruz, literally meaning the “New Day.”
Aside from the details of how it is observed, Nowruz is indeed a strong and unbreakable chain that connects several countries with diverse cultures, languages and religions in different parts of the world which all once constituted the civilization of greater Persia. 
Afghans across the country, the Persian-speaking minorities in the U.S., Canada and Europe, the people of Tajikistan, Iran, groups of people in Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Armenia, Albania and Iraq celebrate Nowruz annually and consider it as one of their main national festivals.
Afghans passed a challenging and bloody year of 1396 duringwhich, several bloody attacks took place in which security forces and civilians martyred and wounded. Taliban insurgents, and the so-called Islamic State (IS) fighterstook precious lives of innocent Afghans. Taliban carried out deadly attacks against the Afghan National Defense andSecurity Forces (ANDSF), where Daesh targeted civilians in the most sacred places such as mosques, shrines and funeral ceremonies.  The deadliest one was truck bombing at Zanbaq Square, in which more than 500 Kabul residents martyred and wounded. 
Meanwhile unlike 1395, when Afghan forces defensively fought to prevent the fall of provincial and district centers to the Taliban, in 1396 solar year, they have gone on full-scale offensive against the Taliban, the Haqqani Network and Daesh terrorists.
The government also worked hard to reach economy self-sufficiency, through beginninga number of infrastructural projects, including signing contracts on construction of water dams, establishment of air corridors with India and inauguration of TAPI project in Afghanistan. Regional connectivity and business relations with neighboring and regional countries noted at success point too for Afghanistan.
Afghan people are highly exhausted from militancy and violence. They still lose their family members in acts of terror carried out by religious extremists. Afghan men and women suffer from terrible nightmare caused by the insurgents’ cruelties. Terrorist has changed to a serious issue for Afghan people and government.
Since today is the last day of the solar year 1396, the Afghan government and the masses looking toward the new solar year 1397 with hope of peace and economic development. Afghans praying that the new year to witness ending of the prolongedwar and restoration of durable peace to the war-torn country.
It is hoped that Taliban to renounce murdering civilians by laying down weapons and joining the peace process and to avoid unfairly inflicting losses upon elders, widows, sons, youth and children of Afghanistan in their assaults, and not to target young Afghans who in lieu of low pays have stood up to protect their country on  daily basis and targeting Afghan soldiers, police and national security officers is the same as targeting efforts made for reinforcing of this soil.
Since Nowruz is a special occasion for Afghans and is the time for renewal and celebration as well as promotes values of peace and solidarity between generations, then efforts should be made for peace, solidarity and stability in the country.