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Supporting education, joint responsibility of govt & people

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Supporting education, joint responsibility of govt & people
 With ringing of the bell of the schools, the new school year of 1397 begun officially by the president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Saturday.The current academic year named by government as the year of supporting education.
Weakness of structure and existing of corruption in different levels in education ministry, depriving of 50 percent schools from having building and continuation of education and nourishment in open air, insecurity and increment of violence, lack of text books especially in rural areas, hard living situation of teachers and personnel of ministry of education and finally no access to education by millions of children, are part of these challenges and problems.
In his speech delivered in inaugural ceremony of new school year, president Ghani promised teachers, personnel of ministry of education and students that government has some programs in its hand to remove problems and challenges existed in the sector of education and hoped with implementation of these programs till the end of current year, some problems be solved and gain good achievements in education system.
President Ghani pledged he would have monthly special meeting with senior officials of education ministry and all administrations concerned, supervise the government plan to be implemented and assure himself about good performance of the plan.
Providing shelters for shelter-less teachers and other related personnel and livelihood, security of the schools, teachers and students specially women, eradiation of corruption from the ministry of education and making transparent the process of employment in this ministry, and increment of contract-based teachers from among deserving women to compensate shortage of teacher in level of leading body of the ministry, were the clear promises given by the president.
But, the government and ministry of education would not be capable to perform this great responsibility alone. As the previous years experiences showed, the ministry of education like other government organs needs the support of others seriously.
The president invited either non-government sector or the institutions of civil society, countrywide religious scholars’ council of Afghanistan and influential figures and tribal dignitaries to support government, ministry of education and demanded them to render their all-out support for the removal of problems and challenges existed in the way of education in the country.
These institutions can convince people especially in areas to dispatch their children to school, maintaining of security for teachers and attract their assistance for construction of schools and providing land for construction of the school buildings.
The president appreciated those who gave their personnel property for construction of school buildings and asked people to discharge their religious obligations, as they did with construction of 160,000 Masjids across the country. 
It shows supporting from education sector is the main priority of government and people. Because, education is the only way towards progress, development and expansion.Education is the only institution that lays corner stone of the growth and blossoming of knowledge and through this way, the young generation of a country open their way towards high educational and vocational institutions.
Development of education sector paves the way towards progress and expansion.