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Tashkent Conference on Afghan peace process

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Tashkent Conference on Afghan peace process
 A high-level international conference on Afghanistan opened in Tashkent on March 26 with the theme “Peace Process, Security Cooperation and Regional collaboration”.
The conference opens against a backdrop of complex challenges that Afghan government facing with, including that of peace with Taliban.In addition to President Ghani and the accompanied delegation, the two-day meeting, has also brought together the UN Secretary General, high representative of European Union in the affairs of foreign relations and security, foreign ministers of the US, France, Britain, Germany, Russia, China, India, Pakistan,Iran, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia and central Asian nations.
The Tashkent conference has gathered Central Asia countries, the UN and partners of Afghanistan to discuss strengthening of peace and security and stability as well as the channels of move towards growth, development, regional expansion and the ways to reach to Afghanistan peace and also lay emphasize on the decisions and achievements of the second Kabul process Conference held in February 2018, and Brussels conference held in Oct. 2016. 
Indeed, the meeting is a good opportunity for Afghanistan, that exploringways for establishment of regional and international consensus and unique comprehending about security threats and dangers stem from terrorism and unification of regional and world countries determination in joint counter terrorism and fightagainst narcotics.
Afghanistan wants all regional and world countries to reach to this unique comprehension. Because, security and stability in region and world has close ties with security and stability in Afghanistan and instability in Afghanistan would Definitely harm peace in the region.
The meetings such as Tashkent one,can help to reach a unique comprehension and comprehensive regional and international understandings considering the variety of process ruling on status quo in our country as well as the threats of terrorism and narcotics.
It is necessary that the diplomacy of Afghanistan should behave actively with the process of this meeting and get further benefit from this opportunity for enforcement of healthy comprehension about the common threat of terrorism and illegal trafficking of narcotics and the threats stem from them.
The delegation of Afghanistan should work to assure the representatives attending in Tashkent meeting that Afghanistan is not looking forwardthreateningthe interest of any country and is indeed placed in frontline of counter terrorism and giving sacrifices on daily basis,in benefit of peace, security and stability in the region.
In second meeting of Kabul-process held in last February attracted the attentions of participated countries towards ending of war and violence in Afghanistan with introducing of new roadmap of peace and prepared the ground for beginning of joint efforts of various countries.
Therefore, Tashkent Conference can be helpful for getting regional support to for a peaceful solution of Afghan War and this initiative can be linked with regional developments including a perceivable attempt to provide a gate way to Afghanistan through Uzbek border for linking Kabul with Central Asian States and the rest instead of conventional approach of linking Afghanistan to the world through Pakistan and Iran.