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Bamyan to reshape as China firm to cooperate

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Bamyan to reshape as China firm to cooperate
 Chinese ambassador to Afghanistan, Liu Jingson, in his fresh visit to the ancient Bamyan province, vowed to do more with Afghanistan in the preservation of historical monuments, as well as in education and infrastructure in the country’s central province.
China’s plan to work for development of Bamyan province - the only giant Buddha statues hub in the world, is not something new, but as the ambassador remarked, the People Republic of China, as a cultural and economic power had long-standing relationship with Afghanistan.
In a media conference, after his arrival in Bamyan City on Monday this week, the ambassador said his country was determined to expanding relation with Afghanistan in various spheres, as some infrastructural projects have recently been implemented in the securest province.
On the other, Afghanistan ministry of Information and Culture has said that preparation was being made to reconstruct the Buddha statues and a 5-member committee along with experts of the ministry and the UNESCO, should be created and provide their specific plan about the construction of the Buddha Statues. 
China can invest in different fields in the future in the province, as indeed this historical monument center needs enough assistance in the construction of school buildings and historical monument preservation.
It did its best for restoration of peace and security in Afghanistan and since 2014, its policy for peace could help it get the initiative for security of the country, as it is a crystal clear fact that insurgency – if gets out of control along the Afghan borders, would affect security in China, via its border province.
By the rapid current expansion of technology, China, contrary to other world powers, has tried its best to advance—not through engagement in war, but through legitimate purposes, such as using modern knowledge, tightening cultural relations and securing friendship with any other countries.
A people-to-people contact between the two countries, which is seriously needed for the two nations, could only be strengthened by popularizing Chinese language among the Afghans. This is why the people of Afghanistan, Bamyanis are asking for implementation of the program.      
But, what is needed for both countries, is a focus on security, prosperity and development of Afghanistan, something requiring firm and honest cooperation of China on one side and honesty of the Afghan neighbors and regional countries on the other. 
Bamyan is hoped to regain its lost validity and reputation (after the collapse of extremist regime in the country) even develop further than ever, as the friendly countries have now joined the UNESCO to rebuild it.