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Time for Pakistan to revise Afghan policy

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Time for Pakistan to revise Afghan policy
 Afghanistan-Pakistan relations have always seen ups and downs due to various reasons. Although, there have remained several expressions of friendly relations from the leadership of both countries from time to time, the mistrust and blame game towards each other could never help bring the two countries on the same page with regard to various challenges that the two countries are facing with. 
Recently, a delegation of Pakistan Foreign Ministry arrived in Kabul to attend the third meeting of joint program of action of Afghan-Pakistan government for peace and met authorities of Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Although no details have been released on this meeting,but it has been said that the goal behind this visit is to discuss relevant issues of peace in Afghanistan by both sides.
The visit of the delegation takes place at a time that Pakistani PM Shahed khaqan Abbasi is expected to arrive in Kabul on Friday on the invitation of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and will meet Afghan officials, including the Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah.
These visits are taking place at the time that relations between the two countries are at its worst stage and many problems have overshadowed these relations. It is expected that these visits could improve atmosphere of confidence between the two countries and would open a new page in both countries’ relations.
Afghanistan expects that Pakistan government intensify war on terror, shutdown safe heavens of terror groups in its territory and give up support of those groups who are fighting againstAfghan people based on her previous commitments given to international community. Pakistan should be ready to cooperate with Afghan government on implementation of peace and ending of conflict and violence.
Pakistan has been under global pressure since long time, particularly from the US government due to lack of sincerity in war on terror. The international community asks Pakistan to cooperate Afghanistan and the region in suppressing of terrorism and restoration of peace. For the time being, the US has suspended its aids to Pakistan and affiliated continuation of its aids to Pakistan’s practical steps for elimination of terror cells and networks.
Reports indicate that Pakistan has not managed to convince the international community and the Afghan government. The last statements of Afghan authorities and some RS commander indicate that Pakistan has not taken any practical step in war on terror and shutting down of safe sanctuaries of terror groups including, Taliban and Haqqanine twork, to prove its honesty and cause the world community and the Afghan government to trust it.
Since long times, Pakistan has taken hostile policy against neighboring India and Afghanistan and has never been honest in war on terror. Pakistan has acted so far in such a way that caused instability and insecurity in Afghanistan and the region.
Now it is the time that Pakistan should shift and revise its policy and behavior with neighboring countries, including Afghanistan and cooperate with international community and the regional countries to eliminate terrorism and help restore peace and stability in the region.