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Heavy blows to Daesh militants in Afghanistan

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Heavy blows to Daesh militants in Afghanistan
 The Islamic State group, or Daesh as it is known in Afghanistan, has killed hundreds of people in multiple attacks across the country since it first emerged in the region in 2014.Meanwhile, in the past 18 months, as theAfghan and US bombing campaign against the group gathered momentum, it dramatically escalated its attacks in major cities of Afghanistan, adding to the dangers already faced by civilians in the city.
But the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) in close coordination with the Resolute Support Mission has escalated operations and air strikes on the militants across the country which have resulted to killing of hundreds of the group’s fighters.
Recently, A high-ranking Islamic State (IS) commander in Afghanistan has been killed in an airstrike of the Afghan forces. Hekmat was killed Friday in an Afghan airstrike in Darzab district, the defense ministry said in a statement, describing him as “one of the key figures” for IS in northern Afghanistan.
Qari Hekmat was the top commander of IS’s Afghan franchise in the northern province of Jawzjan, where the group established a stronghold after coming under intense pressure in the eastern province of Nangarhar.
Afghan and US forces have ramped up airstrikes and ground offensives against IS fighters in Jawzjan in recent months as the group seeks to expand its foothold in the country.Afghan security forces last month also detained a French woman fighting for IS in the same district of Jowzjan. In January, Afghan forces caught the group’s “head facilitator of foreign forces”. Two months later, his two successors were killed in a US airstrike.
The attacks that Daesh terrorist group carries out are almost unprecedented. The militant targets mosques, religious gatherings and other communities where there are only civilians, besides attacking security forces. The group has so far targeted many mosques during which, copies of the holy Qoran have been set on fire in addition to mass killings.
The counter-insurgency being carried out by Afghan forces and US decision to target members of Daesh fighters will mitigate the militancy in Afghanistan and strong military operation is the only effective strategy to be adopted in this regard. The way operations conducted against the group in Nangarhar province should be followed in other provinces of the country.
The Afghan nation will be able to exercise its rights soon in a country void of violence and terror and there will be no room for the terrorist networks in Afghanistan. 
To campaign against ISIL in effective way, Afghan government and its allies will have to intensify their attacks – not only defensive but also offensive ones. Furthermore, the government has to tighten the border security so that militants no more be able to cross the country’s porous borders.
Kabul, along with its international allies, will have to combat terrorism with iron fist so as to protect the rights of Afghan people. It is clear that the Taliban will not come to negotiating table, unless they sustain heavy casualties in battlefields.