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Pakistan’s shift of policy a must

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Pakistan’s shift of policy a must
 Asserting that the Taliban and the Haqqani network still enjoy safe havens in Pakistan, a top US Army General on Friday told the country’s lawmakers that it was “very difficult” to contain insurgency in Afghanistan if Islamabad continues to harbor terrorists on its soil.
In his new South Asia Policy in August last year, US President Donald Trump had called for tougher measures against Pakistan if it fails to cooperate with the US in its fight against terrorism.
The US also blocked about USD two billion in security assistance to Pakistan for its failure to act against terror groups operating from its soil and attacking US forces in Afghanistan.
Testifying before the US Senate Armed Services Committee, General Mark AMilley, Chief of Staff of the US Army, said that it was very difficult to eliminate any insurgency if that insurgency has safe haven in another country. “But right now, the Taliban, the Haqqanis and other organizations do, in fact, enjoy some safe haven in the border regions on the Pakistani side of the border. Pakistan has got to be part of the solution,” he told lawmakers during a Congressional hearing.
According to US general, the Afghan government was on the path right now to establish some sort of political reconciliation with various opponent groups. “US is in support of that effort, Milley added. “So, it’s important that we realign the forces, that we reinforce the capabilities that we’re already doing, and that we regionalize the problem, including Pakistan, and that there’s some sort of reconciliation process. At the end of the day, that’s how that ends, and it ends successfully, and I believe that’s achievable,” the General said.
Meanwhile, A Pakistani diplomat has accursed the army of that country for supporting terrorism and spreading extremism. Husain Haqqani, the then Pakistan ambassador to Washington while addressing a ceremony of introducing his new book, says that the army and the intelligence service of Pakistan strongly support terrorism in other countries and warned that the such policy would have dangerous consequences. According to him, Pakistanis will love their army only when theystop interference in politics
From its establishment based on religious ideology, Pakistan has attempted to use religious extremism and terrorism as tools, in addition to its military forces, to ensure its continued existence.
After the 9/11 attack in US and the direct involvement of world powers in Afghanistan, the international community contended that Pakistan’s army and intelligence agency were using terrorism and extremism to achieve its strategic goals. After Osama bin Laden was killed near a military academy in Pakistan, that view was turned into a reality.
In the wake of international pressures and sanctions, now it is the time that the neighboring country shift its policy of Afghanistan diabatization to that of peace and stability. The people of Afghanistan are determined to forge friendly relations with the neighboring countries based on mutual respect and safety of its national sovereignty.
The country’s political and Jihadi leaders as well as youthmust know their friends and foes. Afghans must defend their interests and people and join their other brothers and sisters who do not allow the enemies to divide them under the name of cast, race and language.