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Public support of elections vital for Afghanistan’s democracy

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Public support of elections vital for Afghanistan’s democracy
 Elections are utmost important pillar for any democratic country to carry out governance and leading a nation forward in accordance with the constitution; that means government will get replaced in a democratic manner by the mandate of the people.
Electoral systems are the cornerstone of any participatory Democracy. To work within a democracy, representation of common people through election is very important. No country is alien to this and Afghanistan is not an exception. Electoral politics of the nation is a vital aspect of establishing a faith on this important instrument used for actualizing democratic norms.
Since Afghanistan began its path to democracy over a decade and half ago, numerous surveys and other studies have attempted to gauge what Afghans think about elections and other components of democracy in their country. These studies have revealed the Afghans’ support for these concepts, with some portraying Afghans embracing democracy wholeheartedly. 
If the elections held in Afghanistan since 2001 have diminished hopes for Afghan democracy, it is partly because an electoral formalism was introduced in Afghanistan before other elements crucial to a functioning democracy—the rule of law, political parties, institutionalized governance—really existed. The 2018parliamentary and district council elections may reveal the boundaries of an emerging democratic space in which these features are beginning to emerge and, more importantly, where their value is increasingly recognized by Afghans. If, in every political transition, the future grapples with the past, the 2018parliamentary and district council elections in Afghanistan may be a decisive arena of that struggle.
President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani while registering his name for the upcoming parliamentary and district council elections on Saturday afternoon saidthe right to vote and choice represent a democracy, stressing that the Government has the intent, determination and commitment to hold the elections.
While asking people to join voter registration process, the President stated that transparent elections are the only tool through which political-psychological reforms can take place and the politics of coercion can be replaced with productive politics as the Afghan people should no longer be subject to suffering from the ongoing war.
Indeed, democracyeases the way for public to decide the faith of their country and even that of themselves in a transparent manner, but due to several challenges, especially lack of modern political culture, role of people is not determining in Afghanistan to a large extent, Butthe more people are aware of their role, the more they will control the steering of power towards peace and prosperity.
Unfortunately, most of the people in Afghanistan are unaware of their role in forming governmental system and political decision-making process.Therefore, it is necessary that they join the voter registration process and fulfill their national obligation.
Meanwhile the government and the electoral commission should prepare the bed for democratization and raise awareness among the people on their rights and the value of their votes to be cast in favor of a candidate in the upcoming parliamentary and district council elections.Public support of elections process vital for Afghanistan’s nascent democracy and the achievements made during the past one and half decade.