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Pakistan’s continued ‘Durand Line violation’

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Pakistan’s continued ‘Durand Line violation’
 The Pakistani army forces attacked areas in Jaji Maidan district, Khost province and Dand-e-Patan district, Paktia province and launched a full-scale war against Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF). Counter fire of ANDSF who enjoyed support of local people repulsed these attacks and inflicted heavy casualties to Pakistani aggressors.
Despite of commitment of Pakistan PM on prevention of Pakistan army encroachments who had vowed during his last visit to Kabul with Afghan leaders, Durand Line violations are going on and time and again certain regions along Line are being targeted by Pakistan army. The Pakistani army and border forces have been attacking these areas for many years and caused casualties and huge financial damages. 
Pakistani forces’ clashes and encroachments has sparked different opinions among military experts,security and political analysts as they call these provocations a sign of Pakistani’s intention to pave the way for cross border movements of terrorists under their direct support into Afghanistan with creation of riot in these regions, while some others argue that with launching of these violations and infringes, the Pakistani have no goal except to throw the burden of responsibility to Afghanistan shoulders and accusing this country for creation of tension and so-called and baseless claim of support of terrorists inside Pakistan.
But what is agreed by all, is this that launching tensions along the nasty and shadow Durand Line and encroachments, Pakistani are deliberately intending to create instability in the region and problems, for residents of the other side of Durand Line and provoke them against the Afghan government and their Afghan brothers. Particularly recently certain popular uprisings and movements have been started against wrong policies of Pakistan government against Pashtuns living on the west side of Durand Line and one of the slogans of uprisers was putting immediately end to aggressive policy of Pakistan government and army in Afghanistan and concluding of war and insurgency in this devastated country. They have asked Pakistani authorities to end oppression and aggression against Pashtuns, cooperate in the direction of peace and security in the region and Afghanistan.
All these encroachments and infringes are indicating insincerity and disloyalty of Pakistani leaders to their given commitments. This has already been divulged to everybody. The Pakistani leaders and especially military rulers have never acted to their promises but contrary, they have always tried to create tension in the region and cause clashes.
In the opinion of the Afghan government, Durand Line clashes and tensions are not in the benefit of regional countries, cannot settle current disputes or reduce problems, it increases problems and complexity of current disabilities and further complicate situation and prevent restoration of peace and security. The Afghan government has announced that it willing concluding of these disputes and has never been satisfied with clashes and war between the two sides.
At the same time, the ANSDF have frankly expressed that in no circumstance they accept aggression of a foreign country to our territory to undermine our national sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence. They are committed to defend their mother land to last breath of life and drop of blood.