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Security of ‘voter registration centers’ should be ensured

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According to media reports, some individuals belong to Taliban targeted few voter registration centers in three provinces, including Badghis and Nangarhar and killed and injured some security forces’ members as well as some personnel who were tasked for voters’ registration.
This shows that the security of the registration centers, their related personnel and our compatriots who are involvedin this process are under the security threats.This alsoindicates that security threats are existed in voter registration centers and is changed into a reality.
Therefore, need is felt, the security of these centers and the personnel of Independent Election Commission (IEC) as well as those citizens who are willing to register their names should be insured.Meanwhile, those citizens registered their names in these centers and their ID cards were signed are worrying about their movement from one province to another, especially threatening by high-way robbers from among them by Taliban along the country’s highways.
It is necessary that the security of the voter registration centers and employees of the IEC be maintained by security and defense organs especially in those provinces which are highly vulnerable due to security threats.
Prior to this, with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the security and defense institutions of the country pledged in connection with ensuring security of all processes belonging to elections.It is expected that all these organs to focus their attention to the security of the voter registration centers, including IECs’ employees and those citizens that register their names for the upcoming parliamentary and district council elections.
Besides to this,raising awareness to citizens on the goals and importance of elections,their sharing in election process was one of the important demands of president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani that stressed via a videoconference with provincial security and civil officials.
The president demanded the government and local commanders in the provinces to pay special attention in the connection and emphatically demanded them to raise awareness among citizens, living in the provinces,on importance of elections and try their bests in maintaining security of the voter registration centers, offices and employees of IEC.
Therefore, to safeguard the achievements and democratic values, vast participation of people in the upcoming elections are certainly needed to have a legal and strong parliament to better address the problems of the war-hit nation.
All citizens who are eligible to attend in electionsare required to register their names and promote the graph of participation in the upcoming election process and make sure that no one has been deprived from their voting rights.
Voting today would guarantee the bright future of the country and the new generation’s life. If the voters’ registration process failed, then the country’s political system would face challenges and the country would once again witness unrests which would pave the ground for the militants to use the opportunity for their own interests and destabilization of the country and the whole region.