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Ulema can help end violence in Afghanistan

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Ulema can help end violence in Afghanistan
 Since longtime the Afghan masses have been seeking high hopes on the religious scholars (Ulema) for achieving peace, prosperity and development in the country.Indeed no one can deny the role of Ulema in Afghanistan in such a war which fought misusingthe religious believes. But killing of innocent Afghans is not Jihad—something the Taliban insurgents and other extremist groups have been adhering to be.
Head and members of Afghanistan Ulema Council in a meeting with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani here the other day, while condemning the terrorist attacks asked people to participate in voters’ registration process.
The Afghanistan Ulema Council besides flaying all terrorist attacks organized by the enemies in Kabul and other provinces, where scores of our countrymen including journalists have been martyred, called the cowardly acts in contrary with Islamic and humanitarian values. They also said the Afghan enemies have started an offensive named as Khandaq, however according to them, Khandaq Ghazwa (A war against infidels) had been launched by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) against infidels not Muslims.
Calling elections, a move based on sacred religion of Islam, the council said selecting a Muslim, committed and piteous person was a religious obligation and great integrity.
The condemnation from the Ulema Council is coming while the Taliban are waging a deadly spring war in many provinces as the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces(ANDSF) are fighting to push the resurgent insurgency back. The government has urged the people to stand by the ANDSF and support the ongoing operations across the country. The support from the Ulema members is a promising move that, if continued, would help public image of the army and police.
Afghanistan, being an Islamic country, has faced the worst kinds of violence due to Islamic radicalism. Taliban who claim to be the soldiers and protectors of Islam are causing the most harm to peace and stability in Afghanistan and the image of Islam by practicing various forms of terror that are anti-Islam and anti-human. The Taliban have established that they are not the protectors of Islam but its enemies.
Now, the religious scholars and Ulema of the country can play a key role to counter the growing radicalism in Islamic countries, especially in Afghanistan and Pakistan. They must come forward and boldly speak out against the suicide attacks and others forms of terrorism in which civilians are killed.
The Afghan Ulema too can play a pivotal role in moving Afghanistan towards long-lasting peace and stability by condemning suicide attacks and other forms of terrorism that cause loss of civilian lives.
Since Ulema hold high esteem in Afghan society and are well respected, they have to shoulder more responsibility to restore peace and to discourage the terrorists. Meanwhile besides Ulema, it is everyone’s duty to play their parts in rebuilding the country. We must not turn blind eye that hater being spread in the name of religion and it’s the duty of the Ulema not only in Afghanistan but across the world, to free it from hate and violence.