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Voter registration centers still under threat

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Voter registration centers still under threat

 Since the beginning of the voter registration process in the country, huge number of innocent people were killed or wounded.

Militants, including Taliban and Daesh have threatened to target those people trying to attend the voter registration process that may help them join the next election.
In a recent terrorist attack in the country’s southern province of Khost, as many as 12 people who wanted to register their names were wounded and more than 20 others wounded.
Last month, tens of people have lost their lives and at least 70 others injured in the heart of the capital, when a suicide attacker blew his explosives packed vest among a crowd queue to register their names to vote for their favorite candidates in the upcoming parliamentary and district councils’ elections.
Schools, mosques and other areas, where the voter registration process are going on, are not safe.
People are afraid of what would they face in the future, if they join the parliamentary election, as they fear if the Taliban and other government armed oppositions see them will cut their fingers or seriously punish them, even behead and slaughter.
But, despite such critical threats, more than one million eligible people have so far registered their names all over the country, while the ministry of interior and most importantly the national directorate for security have failed to thwart and foil the enemy’s plots. 
The country’s president has time and again asked the security forces to tighten security around the voter registration centers, but no tangible and effective measures have so far been adopted in this respect.
If the situation continues and the voter registration centers remain under terrorist attacks, with the related security organs remain negligent, in fact the process of election would highly be affected and the people would not be sure to go to the centers for registering their names and finally to attend the future parliamentary elections.
The security organs, particularly, the national directorate for security, should consider the issue and go ahead with firm security plan for protecting the voter registration centers, otherwise, people would not join the process anymore and the government would fail to hold a transparent and inclusive election in the future.