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Women’s empowerment essential for Afghanistan development

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Women’s empowerment essential for Afghanistan development
 Decades of war have left Afghan women marginalized. Today, they are striving to regain their role in society. One way to help them on their way back to full participation in the public life is to organize events such as symposiums in which their voices can be heard, and their concerns addressed.
The 5th Afghan Women International Symposium was held here in Kabul yesterday with President Ghani delivering his remarks, saying women’s presence in the symposium was a clear message of patriotism to terrorists, hoping that Afghan women would not go back to the times of oppression, poverty and backwardness. The women were present, and their presence was durable, the president added.
The president also said that women playing key role in establishing durable peace in the country and emphasized on women’s participation to the election process.
Afghan women have been highly vulnerable throughout the history. Afghanistan’s patriarchal systems and cultural restrictions pressured women in one way or another. Their social, cultural, and political roles were curtailed on a large scale. Despite the democratic and human rights discourse, after the downfall of the Taliban’s regime, violence against women continue unabated. 
But to change the landscape of Afghanistan’s socio-political scenario, it is important to encourage and appreciate the role of women. Without women, the ongoing processes of change would never lead to a better society. 
Therefore, it is important to let women participate in different walks of life so that they can acquire their true position within the society and, at the same time, support the society achieve stability and prosperity. 
National Unity Government (NUG) had made some huge promises during its initials days regarding women rights and has appointed the first ever female in Supreme Court Leading Panel. The country has also witnessed appointment of women as attorneys to ease the campaign for eliminationofviolenceagainst women. Meanwhile the First Lady also sparing no effort to pave the ground for wide activities of women across the country.
Currently, although Afghan women play active part in social and political ground, the Taliban and other terrorists still pose threat to them and spill their blood to deter them and impose their ideology on them. It is hoped that Afghan women will be able to exercise their rights and freedoms under the nascent democracy and the state will have to empower them and protect their life and liberty.
Afghan women do have marginal role in politics, economy, sports, education and other aspects of the society. But a real and enduring success depends on continued commitment, partnership and assistance on part of all parties- including women themselves- to deliver those promises to concrete and sustainable achievements.
To achieve a progressive and stable Afghanistan, there is a need for full-fledged presence of women and men at all levels. Women needed to be encouraged and the ground should be paved for their activities. Meanwhile the factors behind the lack of participation of women in various institutions should be evaluated. The doors of schools and universities should be always open to females and all obstacles before their education must come to an end. Women’s empowerment to ease Afghanistan development in all affairs.