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People’s eye-catching turnout to register as voters

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People’s eye-catching turnout to register as voters
 Following concerns about the lack of people interest in registering their names as voters for the upcoming parliamentary and district councils’ elections, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) has said that it had launched a countrywide full awareness about the process.
On the other side, the country’s president has held out a pledge to timely and transparently conduct the process.
Over 1.5 million people have been reported by the IEC to have registered their names as voters for the upcoming parliamentary and district councils’ polls, a high turnout, the commission described an awareness launched all over the country.
“As a result of countrywide awareness programs, more than 1.5 million people have so far registered to vote in the upcoming Wolesi Jirga and district councils’ elections,” according to the commission cited by some media.
The IEC’s attempt to launch the awareness among people, were aimed at ensuring their increased participation in the voter registration process and then to take part in the forthcoming elections.
Up to 290,000 women have been said to be included in this rough number of those registered their names to join the Oct. 20 elections.
More should be done on the people awareness, by airing programs through televisions, radio-stations, newspapers, printing press, posters, social media and brochures, to attract the attention of the people to join the voter registration sites as the president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has pledged a transparent and justice-based process of election within few months.
President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, while condemning terrorist attacks on the voter registration sites, said that a timely Wolesi jirga, district councils’ and presidential polls would be conducted on their due times. 
The government of national unity should also do its best to assure the people of its endeavours for holding a free fraud election.
The goal could be reached through holding awareness meetings with the civil society activists, government and nongovernment organizations’ officials, women advocates, countrywide religious scholars, preachers and other common people to encourage the mass to join the voter registration sites.
On the other side, security of the voter registration sites is one of the most important factors that helps a confident avenue prepared for the people join the process, as in the early days of the current month, tens of people who wanted to register as voters, were killed or wounded, both in the capital and provinces.
On the people part, they should go to the voter registration centres and register their names for getting preparation to join the upcoming parliament and district councils’ polls and vote for their favourite candidates.