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Ramadan calls for peace, humanity

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Ramadan calls for peace, humanity
 Ramadan is one of the sacred months of the Muslim lunar calendar as well as it is a month of prayer and celebration during which people pray more, recite the Quran and help out the needy.
Fasting from dawn to dusk is not only about abstaining from eating food and taking liquids but also about stopping speaking ill of others or undertaking any violent action against anybody and most importantly enduring the hardships of hunger to help the indigent on a frequent basis. So, it is about loving the other, caring about him and sharing food and money with him.
Currently, the terrorists seek to spread Islamophobia around the world through attributing their harsh and violent practices to Islam. It is strongly believed that the militants who spill the blood of people, of any race and religion, have no knowledge of Islamic tenets or religious values. They have either born in the hotbed of radicalism and their heads were planted by parochial mindsets or paid to fight under the mask of religion. 
The Taliban and the so-called IS fighters killing innocent Afghans on daily basis based on orders from their masters beyond the Afghan borders. The insurgents have time and again rejected Afghan people and government’s repeated call for peace and continued their violence campaign across the country.
As tomorrow the Muslim world, in particular the war-hit Afghans observing the first day of the holy month of Ramadan, the militants are required to announce ceasefire and engage in the Afghan-led reconciliation process for welfare of Afghans and good of the religion. This is the voice of every Afghan that let’s respect the holy month of Ramadan with praying and loving each other, not killing each other.
This holy month teaches about patience, compassion, unity, peace and forgiveness. The message is not time-bounded. It must be followed throughout the life. Thus, if the message was not followed in letter and spirit, fasting become only a practice rather than worship and obeying commandments of God.
Meanwhile, the country’s media, in particular the audio-visual media are responsible to mark Islamic eventsand adjust their programs in line with the holy month.There are dozens of radio and television channels serving after the Taliban’s administration was ousted by the US-led invasion in 2001. The number of the broadcasters is even increasing. They have their own and specific broadcast policies each, but all come together and take similar policy by holding programs like recitation of the Holy Quran recitation, religious teachings and roundtables.
The media is a school and classroom by its turn, so this school should lead the students to the right path. The media in charges and the Afghan masses should be very attentive in this regard and try not to defame the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan intentionally or mistakenly.
In this month, Muslims are supposed to polish their souls from filth of sin and crime. All people, not only Muslims, will have to revive humanity and ethical code in anytime and uphold the rights and life of people. Let us hope and pray for a peaceful and human society in which all people could exercise their rights without obstacles – as it is the core objective of Ramadan.