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ANDSF bravely defending national sovereignty, territorial integrity

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ANDSF bravely defending national sovereignty, territorial integrity

Taliban insurgents have once again continued their bloodsheding and violence against the Afghan people and security forces and attacked the capital of western Farah province.
Eyewitnesses told media the militants launched attacks on the provincial capital from four directions. Heavy and light weapons fire could be heard in the city.
The militants spared no efforts to disturb the peaceful life of the Afghan masses and used civilians as their shields as well as their houses as their shelters while fighting the brave Afghan forces.
Such attacks showing that the country’s enemies want to divide Afghanistan and bring disunity among the different segments of the society, but most of their vicious designs have been fortunately foiled by the heroes of security forces who have devoted their lives for defending the independence, national sovereignty, and territorial integrity of their beloved homeland.
The Afghan National Defense and Security forces (ANDSF) could repulse the terrorists’ attacks and killed and arrested hundreds of the insurgents, while trying their best not to harm civilians in the area. 
In the past fifteen years, the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) have developed into a collection of professional institutions that are both committed to their mission and highly respected. However, they still face major challenges in key areas of capacity, such as logistics, air power, and intelligence.
The heroic counter terrorism struggles of security and defense forces and cracking down the insurgents leave no place for any concern. In spite of complications of war in Afghanistan and open and secret supports from terrorists in the region, the Afghan security forces have been passing a dangerous year but let not the enemies of the country to achieve their ominous goal in the country.
The bravery of Afghan forces is beyond doubt despite undergoing casualties. As per president Ghani’s saying, Afghan forces are resilient in the face of adversity, and they have made constant improvements in efficiently and effectively coordinating and building systems of leadership and management.
Meanwhile for Afghanistan to enter the peace talks from a position of strength, it is necessary that ANDSF must be further strengthened. It is good that U.S. and NATO forces continue advising ANDSF, and Afghans should make use of this presence to a maximum extent and make the Afghan forces to be strengthened enough so that to suppress the enemies at anytime and anywhere in the country.
It is hoped that the precious lives and blood of our soldiers will not go in vain rather they will ensure peace and stability for the nation, if not now, in the future. Whenever negotiation is proved abortive, blood will be the only remedy to protect the rights and dignity of a nation. 
Our selfless soldiers, who sacrifice their lives for protecting their nation and country, are not dead. They are alive in national memory and are considered national heroes since they play heroic role while defending their homeland and countrymen and women.