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Unity key to peace, stability

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Unity key to peace, stability
 Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is a multi-national country where several beliefs, mentalities and mindsets are cherished, and individuals live a peaceful life with the spirit of brotherhood. In this society, living a quiet social life will be impossible without national integrity. Therefore, struggles should be multiplied to strengthen national unity and all ethnic groups need to support it as a principle. Theymust take effective step with bona fide intention for solidarity, unity and coexistence in the country.
The Afghanistan constitution has also stressed on maintaining national unity in the country and states that it was approved to “form a civil society void of oppression, atrocity, discrimination as well as violence, based on rule of law, social justice, protecting integrity and human rights, and attaining peoples’ freedoms and fundamental rights.”
In line with recent political developments and insecurity in some parts of the country, the political experts and the civil society activists blaming government and the country’s political system for failure in controlling the situation. Since Afghanistan faces serious threats of the international terrorism and giving daily sacrifices in war on terror, it is imperative for the nation to remain united, so that to foil the enemies’vicious plans.
Meanwhile there is nothing the enemies fear more than Unity in Afghanistan; their number one tactic is to keep the fire of discord burning in this country. They know the power of a nation more than anyone if they are united.
Therefore, the religion, race, location, language and mass-ignorance have been frequently used by them as basic tools. Many times, they applied their wicked strategies through a series of deadly attacks on Shia and Sunni peaceful Masjids but luckily failed to reach their sinister goals. With attacking on the Masjids and martyring dozens of innocents, they also proved that neither they are committed to Islamic teachings and nor to national or international values and the human rights.
There are many hands and elements working behind the scenes to stoke sectarianism and split the nation. It is not an impromptu incident but a preplanned and systematic decision that has been mapped out by masterminds and the militants are the vehicle for carrying out their plans. Perhaps, there are also some who muddy the water through touching sore points or spreading propaganda in cyberspace just to create a national gap. Afghan nation should be on the alert for this issue and uphold national unity in the best possible way so as to live in peace and harmony. 
In this regard, it is necessary that influential members of society like journalists, politicians, teachers, businessmen and others to be careful in not passing any such comment and also discourage those who try to raise an air of differences and disunity.
It is also necessary that every Afghan should be careful in not hurting someone’s feelings so that your victim should not talk against you or your group or community as a whole.
It is critical to learn a peaceful Afghanistan will serve the greater interest of progressive and peace-oriented world. Significantly, both the president and CEO have to come on a single page and better translate their differences into strength –is practical demonstration of unity –only inflicts crushing defeat to all opposition forces.